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Triplo are a set of stacking pouring cups and Pipla are foamy shapes that cling to the side of the tub. This soft foam tub conforms to the shape of your sink and then folds flat when bathtime is over.
The potty chair is ideal for those occasions when your child wants to take their time sitting on the potty, thanks to its sturdy and smooth-edged ergonomic design which provides your child with maximum comfort.
The age for toilet and potty training varies from child to child, so it is hard to recommend a suitable age.

This was a great potty for my little boy - so sturdy so easy for little ones to use by themselves. Starting with the famous Frog Pod, Boon product line includes some wonderful bath toys and tub time and potty time accessories. Just lift it out using the convenient handle under the splashguard, empty it and wipe clean or rinse under running water. The smooth plastic and clean design with no corners or grooves prevent dirt from building up.

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