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What I love the most about this toilet (which we are currently using in our home) is the white potty looks just like an adult toilet! I also love the potty seats that just sit on top of an adult toilet, saving on money AND space!
A tool that’s not a necessity but I have found to be a great help is a hand-held kitchen timer. My son is just shy of 2 years old and he was interested in the potty for a couple months but now he doesn’t care. The subject SAP has been prepped for potty training, the time  has come to set up the Arsenal of equipment needed to potty train!
I knew she would go through those trainers quick so thought I would get some padded undies to accompany her training.  These were absorbent enough for a pee and perfect for around the house pantsless the first few days! Finally, as a reward for dry undies for a few days SAP got official Underwear!  She got Hello Kitty and Princess panties we got at Target and she loves them, and oh  my do they make her bum so tiny and small compared to how fluffy it usually is! So that’s the Arsenal for Operation Potty Train, that is what we started out with!  Stay tuned to hear how the first week went for us, the unexpected, and how we dealt with it! Jei prekes yra vietiniame sandelyje, jas gauti galite jau kita darbo diena, kitu atveju siuntimas gali uztrukti iki 3 darbo dienu. Kaip ir visi BABYBJORN plastikiniai produktai, jis pagamintas iš perdirbamo plastiko be PVC. I’ll take you step by step through what has worked for me, including unnecessary methods. You will be changing them often, and it’s nice to not have to do underwear laundry twice a day.

Your child will need to go often, and having a timer to hold will help remind him (and you) to try again!
That’s the most important part of training—letting the child know how well he’s doing! My son is still a little young to understand the whole chart concept, but sometimes having that chart right there to add stickers to is GREAT motivation.
I think 14 months is an ok age to bein introducing, but if your little one is really upset about it, I would take a break for a bit. Apie tikslesni pristatymo laika, informuosime Jus iškart, kai suformuosite uzsakyma. It’s a great tool that includes books for parents and for the child, a DVD for the child, stickers and a train whistle. Let your child choose the underwear (if they’re old enough to care) If they’ll be wearing them then they should like them, right? We mamas need to encourage each other, and remember that you’re doing it the right way for you and your little one. Emily loves giving other mom's advice and ideas to help make motherhood just a little easier, and in her spare time she loves working with her hands: sewing, scrapbooking and making all sorts of fun things for her boys and crafts to decorate her home with. Now he is 14 months and i dont know if thats still to early, he notices when i go potty and is interested, he wont sit on his though he screams. If your little one has a positive reaction to trying the potty, then he or she may be ready! What I love about this chair is it has extra storage on the sides to place your potty books or wipes, and it can be used as a stool once potty training is finished!

She likes her underware but doesn’t like her little potty that she picked out or the big potty with a princess seat we picked out for her. If you have the time to do the full training I used (check the next article, Getting Started) it almost always work, except in extreme situations when a child is obviously delayed or very stubborn. I would say that if after a week he is still refusing, give him (and yourself) a little break. PLUS, this thing is a “bench”, so it will work out well as a step stool for little guy when he outgrows it as a potty! If that freaks you out, there are plastic covers (found near children’s underwear at the store) you can pull on over the underwear that will help catch the mess. I recommend giving him a bit of a break with no potty talk and then give it a try again full force. And he really just enjoyed when (after he went potty) we would dance and shout hurray and just have fun after!
23 months is still early for a boy to be fully trained, so don’t get down on yourself.
Sure, some kids ARE trained by this age, but it’s not a reality that every child should be trained BEFORE two!

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