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The Bright Bots ‘pull on’ training Pant is designed to aid and assist you and your little one with their potty training.
The Bright Bots training pants will be of assistance in training but are not designed for multiple accidents. Instead they give you a bit of time to get to the bathroom when accidents do happen while letting your toddler feel the damp.
The Bright Bots Training Pants are a comfortable 'pull on' washable pant, designed to minimise little accidents! These trainer pants are washable and hard wearing and so are an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable training pants.

Please note, that these do NOT work in the same way as disposable 'pull-up nappies'- these are not designed to absorb liquid or hold it indefinately.
Disposable 'pull-ups' are marketed as a step towards potty training, but are only designed to keep your child in their products for longer. They are great for buying you time to make a quick change rather than holding wee and staying dry for any length of time. Still they give you a bit more confidence when out and about that you will only be dealing with a pants and possible trouser change rather than mopping up supermarket floors with a flimsy tissue. Might be even better for girls as my son tended to wee just above the absorbant part which meant it soaked through faster.

The first set had to be sent back as despite ordering size LARGE they were too tight for his bottom! The pants are very good quality, the cloth is soft and they do feel thicker than ordinary cotton pants with the extra liner on the crotch section.

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