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FALSE Newborns strain with bowel movements because they have extremely small anal canals, not necessarily because they’re constipated. FALSE Babies don’t always keep to a schedule, and it’s normal for them to go days without pooing. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. Why it works Puppies and baby gorillas fall asleep when cuddled close to their mothers while being fed, points out lactation consultant Diane Wiessinger. Weiss also points out that for at least the first three or four months, it’s very important to nurture babies to sleep. What to do Rock, jiggle, carry or drive your baby in a car — anything that provides rhythmic motion.
Why it works For many months, your baby was gently bounced in your womb as you walked around your home or office. What to do Create some white or other background noise to drown out sudden sounds that might disturb baby, and to provide continuous soothing sounds.
Why it works The womb is a noisy place — baby heard your voice, the rumbles of your digestive system and the sounds of the world around you. What to do Help your baby learn the difference between night and day by keeping his environment dark and quiet at night, and bright and lively during daylight hours.
Why it works Your newborn arrives without the circadian rhythm that makes an adult wake up in the morning and prepare to sleep once it gets dark. Why it works Before birth, your baby was held tightly in your womb — by the end, she could barely move! What to do Recite a story (like Goodnight Moon) or poem, or sing a lullaby — the same one every time. What to do Wait about 20 minutes or so — until your baby has fallen into a deeper level of sleep — before trying to transfer her to a crib or some other sleeping surface.
There’s nothing magical about any of these tricks — the real magic is finding an approach that works for you, your baby and your family. Score big with these sporty baby names that pay tribute to all-star athletes and all-star qualities. Whether your little one turns out to be an all-star athlete or more of a super-fan, these sporty baby names are a great way to pay tribute to a favourite pastime. Alistair is the Gaelic version of the Greek name Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind.” A defender has great qualities, including courage and loyalty.
Empower your little girl with this Welsh name meaning “greatest champion.” If she believes it, she’ll achieve it! This Nordic name means “champion” and is perfect for a little guy who’s destined for success.
Name your future little footballer after the (arguably) best soccer player in the world right now, Cristiano Ronaldo. Pay tribute to the great American boxer Muhammad Ali by naming your kid after his adopted last name. This name comes from the goddess of beauty and love, and star tennis player Venus Williams adds even more positive qualities to it by being strong, talented and a great role model. This female name’s origin is Celtic and means “strong.” If you drop the “S,” it’s becomes a Swedish name, but still holds the same meaning. Sported by five-time Olympic medalist Hayley Wickenheiser, this name comes from the Norse word “haela,” meaning “hero.” It’s pretty fitting, as she was the first woman in Canada to play full-time professional hockey in a position other than goalie. This pretty Scottish name means “champion,” making it perfect for your little superstar-in-the-making. Brin is a feminine name of Russian origin meaning “defender.” Whether she’s into hockey, soccer or water polo, it’ll be a pleasant coincidence if she grows up to play defence for her team! The perfect unisex name for a little one who comes out kicking might just be the surname of national women’s soccer team captain Christine Sinclair. An American sports hero who took home a gold in decathlon in the 1976 Summer Olympics, Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce) is a great person to look to for sporty name inspiration. Habs super-fans and hockey-parents-to-be will put some points on the board with the first name of Habs goalie Carey Price. It’s also important to know that the easiest technique for turning a breech baby is extremely low-effort: just give it time. You may have also heard that yoga positions, swimming, belly dancing, spending time upside down, or doing exercises like pelvic tilts can help. Interestingly, the majority of babies will turn at night, when you’re sleeping, due to your reclined position. There are several types of breech presentation: frank breech (the baby’s bum—and not his head—is over your cervix, and his feet are way up near his face folded in a jackknife position instead of tucked in), footling breech (one or both feet are below the baby’s bum and sitting above your cervix) and complete breech (instead of being head-down, the baby’s bum is over your cervix, and his knees are tucked up against his chest, in a ball).
Midwife Ruth Comfort advises women to start by having a conversation with their provider about what kind of breech you’re dealing with.
First-time moms, or women who are extremely fit, may have more trouble getting a baby to move out of a breech position due to tighter pelvic and abdominal muscles, says Comfort. A uterine fibroid or the specific shape of your pelvis may mean the baby does not have room to turn, and that there’s little chance that any of the following methods will work.
This intimidating-sounding acronym stands for external cephalic version, and it’s an intervention performed at a hospital, clinic or birth-care centre under ultrasound guidance. These are postures that Comfort recommends to all pregnant women for optimal fetal positioning as your due date approaches—whether you’re carrying a breech baby or not.
Moxibustion is a form of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, but instead of acupuncture needles, a practitioner applies gentle heat in the form of a mugwort stick, which looks a bit like a cigar.
Chiropractics and, more specifically, the Webster technique (you can watch videos online), are about addressing asymmetry in the pelvis and hipbones. The breech tilt, or pelvic tilt, essentially means lying on the floor and raising your hips, with your feet planted on the ground and your knees bent.
Swimming, says Comfort, may not have proven results for turning breech babies, but can be quite relaxing for women. Depending on how many weeks pregnant you are, and what kinds of alternative therapies you’re comfortable with, you may consider all—or none—of the above suggestions before it’s time to adapt your birth plan. This can, of course, be frustrating: after a pregnancy that felt like smooth sailing, a flurry of decisions may need to be made last-minute, depending on fetal size, breech position, and—once the big day arrives—the length of your labour.
In the photo, uber-stylish Gwen, 44, looks casual and natural in a plain white top, cuffed jeans and bare feet. Gwen’s been vocal about breastfeeding in the past—even sharing how Zuma weaned himself. Gwen and her hubby, Gavin Rossdale, 48, and their three sons—Apollo, Kingston, 8, and Zuma, almost six—were spotted gleefully piling into London’s Heathrow Airport the day before this photo was posted. Celebrity Candy: Follow along as Haley Overland delivers the latest scoop on celebrity families—plus sweet celeb interviews! With the rise of the Internet and popular sites such as Nameberry, I’m not surprised to see old-fashioned baby-naming books being replaced by online databases. I get being superstitious and wanting to give your kid the best chance in life with the name you pick. And while an expert—anyone, actually—could research past affiliations with a name, they can’t predict future ones.
Now some parents are using this service because they can’t agree on a name, which is a legitimate issue.
Caring for a baby is exhausting, new household expenses are constantly cropping up, and together time is almost impossible to come by. Giving birth certainly takes its toll: A new mom is physically healing, her hormones are unstable, and chances are she’s so sleep-deprived she’s forgotten where she keeps her pillow.

Meeting the demands of a newborn is overwhelming and often catches parents off guard, explains social worker and marriage expert Gary Direnfeld of Dundas, Ont. What really brings parents together, say experts, is when you both participate in baby care right from the start.
Before baby’s arrival is a good time to plan for how your partner will get involved and for him to discuss arrangements with his employer about parental leave, job flexibility or vacation time. With less energy to get things done and a shorter fuse due to the round-the-clock demands of their new life, parents may start to pick at each other over things like piled-up laundry or whose turn it is to do the dishes. Your adorable new baby is designed by nature to absorb your attention so that her needs will be met.
Now is the time to make that extra effort to praise your mate and show appreciation for the little things he or she does. Your new threesome may also mean you’re just not spending the alone time together that you used to. After baby is born, there are so many reasons why sex falls off the table — not to mention the bed, the sofa and the bearskin rug by the fireplace!
But keep in mind that it takes time for new moms to feel ready for sex again, and it helps if partners don’t pressure. Keeping up that physical contact will also make it easier to get in the mood when you finally have the opportunity, Hardy notes. Another post-baby lifestyle change is the new cost of diapers, furniture, clothing and child care. However, Direnfeld cautions that even with a budget, you and your partner will not be able to anticipate every expense, so it’s worth having regular money meetings after the baby is born to assess your spending and decide on your priorities. After Rumble’s son, Oliver, was born, she came to rely on long-distance calls to her sister, who’d already had four kids of her own. Rumble also realized that although she and her husband, Mike, enjoy each other’s company, it was good for their relationship when she didn’t depend on him for all of her adult social time. Regardless of the little bumps that new parenthood may bring, a baby often brings couples closer, especially if your bond was already strong.
Your newborn is pushing, turning red and fussing a bit during her bowel movement—she must be constipated. Your baby finally pooed after three days, and even though it’s soft, she’s got to be constipated.
Looking at the texture of stool is a far better indicator: If it’s firm and compact like pebbles, it might be a sign of constipation. It’s totally normal for your baby to have explosive poo that defies the diaper’s boundaries and spreads right up her back and down her legs. Your little one who was happy to be put down awake in her crib at three months may scream in terror when you put her in that same crib at six months. One mother of nine-month-old twins took one of her unwashed T-shirts and set it between them as they slept. You can use a white noise machine, a fan turned away from the baby or a radio turned down low.
But some research says you can teach even a young baby to recognize the differences between night and day.
Many young babies will startle themselves awake by flinging out their arms or legs, and being held snugly helps them stay calm and feel secure. But over time, he associates it with falling asleep and it can almost magically relax him when you start to repeat the words. This Latin name directly translates to “Christian” and is common in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian culture. This unisex name is also a nod to Ali’s daughter, Laila, who’s a World Champion boxer just like her dad. And if your wee one just doesn’t feel like a Venus when you meet her, you might want to serve up Serena as a strong alternative. An ace is a particularly good thing in tennis, poker and golf matches, and the name itself means “one” or “unity”—great whether your little one plays a solo sport or is part of the team.
Who knows, maybe he’ll have a Like Mike moment and gain the same super-skills that Bryant has. Kaillie Humphries has not only defended her Olympic bobsleigh title, but she’s also one of the first women to pilot a mixed-gender team, going head-to-head with the boys. This track star and bobsleigh athlete—yes, she competes in both winter and summer sports—has won her fair share of gold medals. Traditionally a male name, we think Jenner would be a powerful, statement-making name for a boy or girl.
Price cleaned up at the 2015 NHL Awards, taking home the Hart Trophy (MVP), the Vezina Trophy (best goaltender) and the Ted Lindsay Award (most outstanding player, as voted by his peers)—now there’s some serious inspiration!
Responsible, practical and cautious, you won’t have to worry about him diving into the river without checking how deep it is first. Just because your care provider thinks the baby is breech doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have to have a C-section, especially if you’re not yet 36 weeks along. Women having a second or third child may have more luck with babies who turn spontaneously. The doctor would use her hands to manipulate the baby’s position by carefully pushing on your belly and abdomen. For 10 to 15 minutes before bed, or while watching TV, rest in child’s pose or rock back and forth on your hands and knees, if you’re comfortable. Only one end is lit, and the other (unlit!) end is gently applied to a pressure point on a pregnant woman’s baby toe (known as BL67).
If you’re used to visiting a chiropractor regularly, ask him or her to check for tighter or shorter ligaments. Or, some women position an ironing board so that one end is on the edge of a couch, and the other end is on the floor, creating a sloping bridge. It’s therapeutic for tired joints and achy muscles late in pregnancy anyway, and it won’t hurt the baby. The theory is that directing tunes toward the base of your bump might coax a baby whose head is near your ribs to turn toward a head-down (also known as vertex) position, closer to the cervix and birth canal.
Some pregnant women have difficulty adjusting to the reality that they can no longer go forward with the kind of birth they’d always envisioned. And Baby Apollo is draped in an aden + anais Radiant Red Classic Swaddle blanket ($22) with red stars on it. The more we normalize breastfeeding, the more women can feel comfortable doing it anywhere their baby needs to be fed! But given that the Internet makes it so easy to research on one’s own, the idea that one could open a specialized baby-naming firm is confounding to me. After all, they can’t account for what associations a name will have in that baby’s lifetime (unless they can predict the future, in which case that would surely be a service people could actually use). But even a wondrous miracle can shake up your world, and that includes the kingdom of couplehood. Vanessa Huizinga and her husband, Gordon, circumvented this problem by sleeping separately for the first few months after daughter Eowyn was born. You are fully responsible for the life of another human being, and you have no training for this, which can cause a lot of anxiety. Now, whether or not you know what you’re doing, at least you’re on the same learning curve. He might take time off after the baby is born or adjust his hours for the first few months.
Because you may tend to be more reactive with each other, Regev suggests consciously practising positive communication skills.

Since having a baby meant Tandon and her husband were no longer free for spontaneous evenings out together, they started arranging date nights at home.
The Tandons made up a budget before Ravi was born and have managed to stick to it, even though it’s meant cutting back on extras, such as gifts and entertainment. Now’s the time to reach out to your network of allies — family and friends who can support you in your new role. And somehow this always seems to happen on the one day you leave home without a spare onesie.
The relaxed feeling of having a full tummy and being held close creates the natural conditions for a baby to fall asleep. A 2002 study of bed-sharing families that followed the children for 18 years found no sleep problems or other negative consequences from bed sharing in early childhood. A sling is a great way to keep your hands free while you are on the move with your baby, and you can lay the baby down, then slip the sling over your head to settle him without waking him up. Toronto sleep doula Tracey Ruiz recommends the white noise machine because it’s a consistent sound and easy to take with you. Robyn Stremler, an assistant professor in the faculty of nursing at the University of Toronto, studied 30 mothers where half emphasized these differences, and half did not.
Be careful about leaving your baby swaddled for long periods of time — babies can have difficulty regulating their temperatures when swaddled, and the snug wrappings mean they may not be able to give feeding cues. But if you wait about 20 minutes, she’ll become more relaxed — her arms will hang limply, her breathing will be slower — making a transfer more likely to succeed. The Montreal Canadiens star player’s name is Pernell Karl, and his first given name means “little rock.” We think it’s a cute handle to give your baby boy, especially if you’re a Habs fan! Your little one seems wise beyond his years, mostly because of his calm and confident demeanour. As he grows, your little goat will want to work and make his own money, and will be the first kid in school to get a paper route.
As your little goat grows, he’ll love hands-on projects, like building models or paper mache.
Somewhere around the 34-week mark my midwife thought my son might be breech, and all of a sudden every midwife in the whole practice seemed to crowd into the exam room to chime in about acupuncture, yoga, confusing acronyms I’d never heard of, and something called moxibustion. Many hospitals and OBs will not allow women to attempt vaginal breech births (though some do specialize in this—ask your provider), and midwives in Canada don’t typically deliver breech babies, either. Giesbrecht, the OB, says that meta-analyses of acupuncture and moxibustion show there’s no adverse effects, but that these techniques aren’t necessarily proven to help, either. Lie on the ironing board with your head resting on a pillow and your feet elevated, for a 20-minute period.
So in between doctor’s appointments, setting up the nursery and napping, you can read this very long and detailed document.
Just Google the meaning of your fave names and use that leftover $30,000 to open a college fund for your kid. Like many other brand new parents, Darlene Tandon of Vancouver was taken aback by how the arrival of baby son Ravi affected her relationship with her husband, Amit. To make matters worse, “the father can take it personally,” says Michal Regev, a registered psychologist and marriage and family therapist in Vancouver.
Many moms feel added pressure to know instinctively how to breastfeed or soothe the baby which, unfortunately, isn’t the way it works.
Recognize that the added work of a baby requires both of you to do more than your fair share at times, and might mean more takeout meals and mess than you’re used to. For example, try using humour to lighten up a tense situation, and make an effort to give compliments much more frequently than criticism. And maybe your body just doesn’t feel all that sexy, or the baby wakes up every time you and your partner reach for each other. That extra support can, in turn, ease the strain on your relationship, giving you an alternate outlet for blowing off steam, sharing concerns or getting out of the house. Sometimes the last thing he wants to do when he comes home is talk, but I’d be so starved for adult conversation,” she says. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. If you transfer baby to a crib, try gently jiggling it with the same rhythm you used while walking or rocking, to help him stay asleep. Dad could sleep with a receiving blanket under him to transfer his scent, and then wrap the baby in it as he rocks him to sleep and sets him down. Make it easier by moving slowly and warming the mattress beforehand (use a hot-water bottle, but do a touch test to make sure it’s not too hot). With visionary Jupiter and imaginative Neptune in alignment in his chart, your little goat has been blessed with an amazing creative talent. Your youngster will always strive to be the best at what he does, and with feisty Mars and powerful Pluto aligned in his chart, there’ll be no stopping him.
Tree forts or big dollhouses will be a big hit, especially if junior can help put them together.
While about 30 per cent of babies are breech at 30-32 weeks, only 3 per cent are still breech at term (37 weeks), says OB-GYN Ellen Giesbrecht, a doctor at BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver.
If you ask me, naming lipstick (or nail polish, or My Little Ponies, for that matter) would be a dream job. If you’re not the primary caregiver and you come home to a pigsty of a house and a shrieking infant, bite back criticism and find out how you can help — by taking the baby, picking up a broom or getting dinner ready. There are lots of ways to stay intimate — hugging, kissing and caressing — that don’t necessarily lead to sex. If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email.
Sleep challenges come and go — sometimes a virus or teething is the issue; other times a new developmental stage adds a fresh wrinkle to your bedtime routine. During the day, keep your napping baby close to you so the sounds and activity of your household keep him from sleeping too much. The results: Babies in both groups slept about the same number of hours over a full day, but the mothers who had emphasized day and night differences slept, on average, one hour more each night when their babies were six weeks old.
Whether he decides to pursue art, music or drama, he’ll have the patience and discipline necessary to develop his talent into something extraordinary. According to the medical literature, says Giesbrecht, ECV has about a 40 to 70 per cent success rate. You might also try some gentle pelvic rotations—gyrating your hips as if you’re trying to belly-dance—to encourage the baby to move around.
Ask for help.) “Other than the risk of a headache—and one of my patients busting an ironing board while she was lying on it—there are no adverse effects of this method,” Giesbrecht laughs. Read on for strategies about coping with some of the most common post-baby bumps in your relationship. If we let it go too long, it just gets easier and easier not to go there.” Understand that your sex life is not going to be the same as before and try to take it in stride. But you’d better save your pennies if you’re considering a double name or want a professional to pick out the middle name, too. For example, if Sunday mornings don’t work anymore, figure out a new time that fits better with having a baby in the house.

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