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When the day of his party arrived, the doll carrier was easily his favorite toy he unwrapped. A week after my son’s birthday party, I got a concerned visit from my mother and sister.
Since he got the baby doll carrier, my son has used it for his doll which he pretends is everything from an ill patient being transported by Life Flight (the baby doll carrier is the Life Flight) to a tote for his toys to an overnight bag when he stayed over at a friend’s house up the street for a sleep over.
Even though my mother and sister are still up in arms about the baby doll carrier, and the rude man at a store that got an earful from me after he told me son to put away the girly toy, I’m thankful for the entire experience.
When I went to the toy store, I asked the first clerk I saw where the baby doll accessories were.
None of his friends or his young cousins had anything to say about his baby doll carrier which he immediately strapped on and wore for the rest of the party.

I really don’t understand all the freaking out about my son wanting a baby doll carrier. When you don’t live in an environment where your kids are limited by their gender, assumptions others make are a little unnerving. I tucked my son in that night, and I had to wait until he was asleep to take off his baby carrier.
I had the concept of not putting toys into gender columns, my son took that further and showed me, don’t put a toy in a single column.
Today no doll, it was filled with his favorite plastic animals he was taking outside to go make a zoo.
I am proud of my son, and I didn’t go into detail, but I said this entire baby doll carrier experience with my son had taught me an important lesson as well.

They both did the big sigh like I was never going to understand the true point and I had it all wrong.
And that’s pretty much where the conversation ended, and they are both barely speaking to me at this point. Matching lashes are rooted with a tiny felting needle.Your custom order will have a baby manicure and it has been doubled sealed with a high quality matte finish varnish.
They are not toys and are not intended for small children.The pacifier contains a very strong magnet which should be kept away from electronics, including pacemakers.

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