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Justin Beard Salon is a wonderful game which is designed for litle children with safe content.
Baby Lulu wants to have fun by the beach, so you have to help her take all required items for beach. Today you can take part of Baby Hazel’s Musical Melody class and learn a lot about the instruments. Dora Playtime with the Twins is an amazing baby caring game for little children with safe content.

Baby Hazel Beach Party is an interesting game which can be played by babies and little children.
When she gets there, fulfill her needs, play with the sand, give her to eat, have drinks and more.
You can play little game with Hazel where you will hear the sound of each instrument and then guess which the correct one is. As we all know Donald Duck and hid girlfriend Daisy Duck are very popular Disney characters and they are planning to host a party.

Well Baby Lisi’s cat got scared many times and your job is to find a solution and help Lisi save the cat. First of all find all required ingredients which are placed in the kitchen and after that follow the instructions.

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