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It is well studied by the scientists that there are more than 107 million eye cells working to create a special color.
According to the geneticists, it is very rare that common eyed parents produce kids with special eye colors because of the eye color genetics. The shell world is a fascinating adventure to learn about the lives of MOLLUSKS and the people who collect their shells on the beaches across the planet. I’m thrilled Sunnye (TX) shared her colorful shell collection she found beachcombing in Eleuthera, Bahamas (top photo). But I looooved this cool display Lisa did showing the difference between the SHARKS EYE and the FALSE SHARKS EYE. There were lots of displays showing ALBINO shells this year but this one by Ken and Joyce Matthys was really very cool.
Check out this PALLID CARRIER SHELL with an attached GLASS SPONGE (from the Philippines) by exhibitor Robert Linn. Last week I posted about the artistic side of the show with SAILORS VALENTINES, shell frames and all sorts of shell art and craft but when you look at some of these shells like these ATLANTIC TRITONS exhibited by Holly Nordyke, you realize you are looking at the most perfect work of art ever made.
I was also thrilled to see this gorgeous SHARKS EYE OPERCULUM that Jill (Peculiar, Missouri) found. I always love when other beachcombers have an eye for the unusual pieces of beach bling and want to know what it is.
I think Jill found that OPERCULUM because she has an eye for the small BIVALVES and likes to find shells she’s never found before. Jill’s not the only one that loves the bling and unusual,  Shelly found all sorts of fab finds like FEATHERS, SEA URCHINS and huge shell pieces. The water was an amazing 75 degrees for Mac and Delta ( Los Angeles) to wade and scoop up a few treasures like LETTERED OLIVES and FIGHTING CONCHS. We all found oodles of live OLIVES in the water and on the beach that we had to put back where we found them… but we were also lucky enough to find a few really glossy empty ones too. That was actually the same shell line that Krys and Mandy (Richmond, Virginia) found lots of dried out SEA URCHINS. We were barely off the boat stepping foot on the beach when Louisette and Michael (from Massachusettes) found a pile of shells they started scooping up. Local shellers Cazzie and Beth (Fort Myers Beach) found showed me their fave shells they found- Cazzie with a CONCH and Beth with a juvie lemon yellow HORSE CONCH. Rena brought her friend Nancy (Boston) who had never even heard the term “sheller” before this trip- A newbie!

After walking a while, Clark and I found one little spot that produced lots of other gorgeous treasures.
Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s explosive, violent custody battle over daughter Nahla has come to an end. While no further details have yet been released about the custody agreement regarding Nahla, word of a truce is a relief after the Thanksgiving-day blowout that brought Gabriel Aubry and Oliver Martinez to blows. While the custody battle has been ugly for some time, thinking of what Nahla may have seen or heard in the last week is heartbreaking. This whole mess is just so awful, especially since it seems like both parents are loving and devoted to their daughter. I think it is interesting that the child’s father asked that they check the video surveillance to see who was the agressor, and they found that the position of the cameras had been changed. SHE IS PAYING CHILD SUPPORT BECAUSE SHE HAD HER PRESENT LOVER BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER EX-LOVER, PLUS HOW DARE SHE HAVE THAT PRETTY WHITE BOY’S ASS WHIPPED!
Because I am one of those people obsessed with living my life in the world of shells, I love to hang out with people who love to share their knowledge about them too. It explains and shows the difference in detail (for more info check out my post Sanibel Shark Week… Featuring The Shark Eye Shell).
Okay, lemme slow down… she found both sides of her FLAT ZIGZAG SCALLOP still hinged together. Freak and damaged shells that repaired themselves to form in odd shapes were propped in mini doctor’s offices, emergency rooms and surgery rooms with bandages, crutches and doctors notes. This beautiful creature went right back in the calm, clear Gulf water where Linda and David (TN) found it while on our iLoveShelling adventure with Captiva Cruises yesterday. I think there are about 9 different species on her towel she brought to wrap them in for safe travels.
These were scattered all along the mid tied wrack line on the beach so once we found one, we followed the same tide line to find so many more. They also found some sweet little COMB BITTERSWEETS with amazing patterns but my photo just didn’t turn out well. Louisette is a Sailor’s Valentine artist so she was in heaven with all of the common ARKS, VENUS shells, JINGLES and KITTENS PAWS all the same size for her work.
Days after the model was beaten and bruised (check out the gnarly photo below) by the actress’ fiance, Oliver Martinez, an agreement has been reached. Hopefully, now that an agreement has been reached, all parties involved can find a little peace and move forward into a respectful co-parenting relationship.

This fact proves the theory presented by some scientists that external objects and light conditions are also responsible to make the eye color. It is really important to study the history of parents in order to see the eye color combinations.
She and her husband Stuart were on a cruise last year with us when Stuart found an OLIVE without a tip.
This violent fight is just awful and it really bothers me to think that little Nahla may have witnessed it. How many women do you or someone know who would love to have a father like him for their child (or children).
But can’t protect her precious baby from dealing with the emotional fallout of domestic violence.
It is believed that blue as well as green eye color appears just because of the level of pigmentation.
Some experts believe that eye color genes are present with equal amount but they need special switch to show their effects. She took that OLIVE shell to Congress Jewelers with her certificate she received on our iLoveShelling trip and had this necklace made she has on this the next photo. We have been blogging with Berry as a sometime subject and we have all been pro-Gabriel because he was placed in a very serious situation by Halle Berry.
When I asked Cazzie what his favorite shell of the day was… he showed me the WEDDING SHELL. And one day when she’s a little older, she can look all of this history up for her and it will break her heart. He appears to be the more responsible parent and I hope he actually got custody of Nahla (and as usual, Halle wants to keep anything negative about her out of the press). The study of genetics is giving numerous clues about the coloration in eyes but it is necessary to find the basic information.
However, if you have blue eyes then there must a person having blue eyes in your ancestors.
Without getting dominant situation, it is impossible for the color genes to give a new shape to your eyes.

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