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A newborn baby girl was rescued from a sewer pipe after her mother flushed the child down the toilet.
The baby, who became wedged in the pipe between floors of the building, was pulled to safety after being carved out with a metal grinder. Police believe the woman had hoped to hide the pregnancy but because the toilet had no water filled U-bend, and because the pipe was only 20cm wide, the baby girl had become wedged a short way down, where her cries alerted other students who then raised the alarm. Police meanwhile managed to trace the child’s mother —a student living in the building, who was also hospitalised. Yesterday, news came from the Pujiang county Punan local police station that after three consecutive days of investigation, Xiao Mao Tou’s birth mother was finally found. At 9pm on the 27th, the police checked again but after two whole hours, there were still no clues. In this small room, there were many dolls and other children’s toys, and there was even blood-stained toilet paper in the trash can.
Subsequently, Zhang Jianbo took the girl back to local police station where in the station, the girl cried as she told how everything happened.
At the end of last year, through a friend’s introduction, the girl met a Pujiang local young man, and the two soon after had sexual relations. Panicking, the girl immediately found the young man she had sex with, but he didn’t acknowledge the child as his.
On the afternoon of the 25th, I suddenly felt a stomach ache, and wanted to use the toilet. Seeing the child in the sewer pipe, I tried to grab with my hand, but the more I grabbed, the deeper the baby slid down.
Afraid of being found out by others, I hurriedly rinsed the floor clean of blood, then hurriedly told the landlord there was a child in the sewer pipe. Because the girl continued to work after giving birth to the baby, yesterday she had already developed a high fever, her face pale.
Huang Meihuan explained, after giving birth, [women] must go do a B-ultrasonic, to see if the uterus has any residual placenta, fetal membrane, and so on. At 4:39pm on the 25th, the telephone at the Pujiang county fire brigade dispatch room suddenly rang. With skepticism and astonishment, Pujiang fire squadron instructor Zheng Yuzheng along with rescue personnel rushed to the home of the person who made the call, located in Jiangnan Xincun No.2 section. Zheng Yuzheng and crew ran to the third floor communal toilet to examine the sewage pipe that extended down from the fourth floor toilet, and determined that the position where the child was stuck should be the L-shaped bend where the sewer connects with the main pipe. Everyone ultimately decided to dismantle the pipe from the third floor, removing the entire section of the pipe where the baby was held. Firefighters carefully used a metal saw to saw off this 30 centimeter tall, 100 centimeter long L-shaped pipeline. Rescuers looked inside and the baby’s two feet were already turning severely purple [lack of circulation]. Through a nick in the pipe made by the saw, both saw and pliers were used to remove the pipe around the child’s head. The pipe containing the baby was quickly sent to the Pujiang People’s Hospital emergency room. At this time, the emergency room was surrounded by people outside, every person particularly concerned with the child’s safety. After much consideration, rescuers and doctors decided to first open up the pipe where the baby’s head was, to make room for the infant to breathe.
But during this process, just how to do so without hurting the child was a very big problem.
As the pieces of pipe increased on hospital bed, every person’s mood hung in the balance. Give the child to me to adopt, I’ll definitely raise Xiao Mao Tou up as if he were my own son. It can only be said that girls need to learn how to protect themselves, and think about the consequences when something happens. Child, I hope you will grow up healthy, and after you grow up, you must know to be thankful of these kind-hearted people, because without these kind-hearted people’s help, this world would be without your existence. Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers. Seeing as you just quoted an Eighties band, I was going to nominate a track by the Human League as song of the article, but it would’ve been too tasteless.
China will never admit the baby was flushed on purpose since this story has international attention. I think what actually happened is she did realise the baby came out but was so shocked that it fell down the toilet and was too scared and thought the baby was dead. On another note, there have been several cases of social workers overlooking poor parenting and allowing the parents to keep the baby. Though there are no links to the stories you can google them individually if you’re that bored. This story is old, but from day one my question for the police and mother is: Umbilical cord ???? Accident or not, it’s a good thing the baby was rescued and may he live on to tell his story.
Abandoned newborns are found (in bathrooms or whatever) throughout the US so routinely that many states were prompted to create SAFE HAVEN (aka Safe Harbor) LAWS which guarantee new mothers will not be prosecuted if they abandon a newborn safely; that is, bring the baby to a hospital, police, fire station, or church instead of jeopardizing its safety by leaving it unattended.
He said police were still investigating whether she had any a€?malicious intentionsa€™ before deciding on charges.
RAW VISION: Firefighters in eastern China rescue an abandoned newborn baby boy lodged in a sewer pipe. The boy was believed to be in a stable condition and the police were looking for his parents, state television added. There are frequent reports in Chinese media of babies being abandoned, often shortly after birth - a problem often attributed to young mothers unaware they were pregnant.The problem is compounded by China's strict family planning rules which places greater value on boys than girls.

Amazing discovery: The newborn baby boy was rescued from a sewage pipe after being flushed down a toilet. The newborn baby rescued from a sewage pipe in China has been taken from the hospital by police and its maternal grandparents, officials said today.
The infant has been returned to his family after authorities decided he became trapped because of an accident. The unnamed mother claimed she fell pregnant following a one night stand – and then the father of the baby boy abandoned her.
The 22-year-old woman said she could not afford an abortion or cope with the stigma of being a single mother. Police concluded that the 22-year-old single woman faces no charges, deciding she did not initially step forward because she was frightened, and that she gradually had a change of heart and began to tell the truth, said the official. Last night, his maternal grandparents and police arrived at Pujiang Hospital to take the baby to a rural location, office director Chen Pandong said.
Firefighters had to remove the pipe and take it to a nearby hospital, where doctors carefully cut around it to rescue the baby inside. Outside the apartment block, a man who saw the rescue, Xu Qiangding showed reporters a photo he took when the baby was found. When the rescuers came out, they cut the pipe open, and they took out the placenta which was still bleeding.
The woman, a restaurant worker, reportedly confessed to being the mother after officers found blood-stained tissues and toys in her room and asked her to undergo a medical check.
The woman said she felt too embarrassed to call the police herself as a single mother and feeling under societal pressure. She was too scared to tell her parents so hid her pregnancy by wearing loose clothes and wrapping cloth tightly around her abdomen. The man she claims is the father has denied it is his baby, according to media reports.
Video of the two-hour rescue of ‘Baby No 59’ – so named because of his incubator number in the hospital – have been shown worldwide, prompting both horror and an outpouring of charity on behalf of the newborn. The mother is now receiving care at the same hospital as her son.
Officials were shown removing the pipe from a ceiling using pliers and saws to gently pull the pipe apart. Fearing they may harm the boy, they took him to hospital still trapped in the pipe, and doctors then carefully cut him free. The baby had a low heart rate and some minor abrasions on his head and limbs, but was mostly unhurt, according to local reports.
Hundreds of thousands of Chinese people took to social networking site Weibo to vent their fury at the mother. News of the rescue locals to go to the hospital armed with nappies, baby clothes, powdered milk and even offers to adopt the child. Nurse Zhang Songhe told the Daily Mail that the mother of the baby was with him in hospital. There are frequent reports in Chinese media of babies being abandoned often shortly after birth, a problem attributed variously to young mothers unaware they were pregnant, the birth of an unwanted girl in a society which puts greater value on boys or China’s strict family planning rules. The case has raised discussion of China’s lack of proper education about sex and birthing in many schools. BEIJING (AP) - A Chinese newborn who was trapped in a sewer pipe moments after his birth has been released from the hospital into the care of his grandparents.
A NEWBORN baby was rescued from a lavatory pipe when members of the public were alerted by its crying. GETTYIt is unknown why the newborn baby girl was abandoned by her motherPolice are investigating the whereabouts of the newborn baby girl's parents after they failed to report that she was trapped, according to a hospital report.The baby is believed to have been abandoned by her mother, who apparently gave birth in the facility in Beijing, China. Although reasons are unknown, it is believed that Chinese babies born out of wedlock are sometimes abandoned because of social and financial pressures.In addition, the country's one-child policy can mean heavy fines for couples who choose to have more that one baby.
She had fallen into the toilet and gone down the pipes where she had got stuck between the third and fourth floors. Police say they are waiting to question her before deciding what she might be charged with. What flabbergasted people was that this person is that same female tenant who told the landlord that there was a baby crying in the toilet. 59 Xiao Mao Tou” incident happened, the Punan police station immediately got involved to investigate.
So the screening investigation was very extensive,” said Punan police station chief Zhang Jianbo.
On the 27th, during the day, after a comprehensive inspection of the tenants at home, the special investigating group didn’t find any problems. After 11pm, when checking the room next door to the toilet on the fourth floor, police found something suspicious. Furthermore, the person who lives there happens to be the female tenant who had told the landlord that there was a baby crying in sewer pipe that day. When the door closed, the girl fell to her knees on the floor, admitting that the child was hers.” She cried and said to Zhang Jianbo, “I really didn’t do it deliberately,” hoping that her parents would not be told of this matter, lest she be beaten to death [get into big trouble with her parents].
Because her work place is far away from home, she rented a room in Jiangnan Xincun, normally living alone. To hide the pregnancy when I went out, I would use fabric to tightly wrap my belly and specially wore loose clothing.
Just as I squatted down, the baby came out, and immediately slipped down into the sewer pipe.
Although firefighters then rescued the child, I was afraid I couldn’t raise the child, so I chose to remain silent. What is certain now is that the girl is indeed Xiao Mao Tou’s birth mother, but whether or not what actually happened is as the girl says requires their continued investigation. Huang Meihuan, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Pujiang County People’s hospital, gave a positive answer. Depending on each person’s physique, both pregnant women who work every day and pregnant women who lie in bed every day can so smoothly give birth, and the likelihood of a premature baby is even greater,” said Huang Meihuan.
If there is and it is not cleaned out in time, it could cause an infection, leading to postpartum hemorrhaging. Medical personnel that had arrived shook their heads after looking, and said the baby is probably lost. After the doctor agreed, we brought the section of pipe that was cut out and took it directly to the hospital,” Zheng Yuzheng said.
In order to avoid gawkers getting in the way of the rescue, medical personnel specifically set up barricades.

Through their efforts, the pipe was cut shorter again, revealing the baby’s placenta, and doctors cut the umbilical cord. With the baby curled up inside, directly pulling him out could very likely injure him a second time.
We had to saw a little bit, then use the pliers to break apart the pipe, then use the hacksaw again,” Zheng Yuzheng recalled.
No one wanted to see the worst result, everyone silently praying in their hearts for the baby.
I’m not really moved by babies, but seeing this poor chap in his predicament, I really want to give the little guy a hug.
I hope it doesn’t cause him psychological trauma in years to come, like a serious case of the sweats whenever he sees a pipe, or a full-blown panic attack every time he goes to the bathroom. It is just that they didn’t give the baby back to the crazy person and treated the cases as criminal or highly immoral acts. That or it was a huge loss of face for her after she realised the baby was still alive crying in the pipes.
I still have nightmares of my health teacher, who was a fat little sixty year old woman putting a condom on a banana. All the boys were asked to leave the room and we watched a video of a woman giving birth(pretty sure it was meant to scare the shit out of us, it did).
The baby was stuck in an L-shaped portion of the sewage pipe with a diameter of about 10 centimeters (3 inches). Local officials and media reports said Thursday that authorities have concluded it was an accident, meaning his unwed mother is unlikely to be criminally charged. On May 26, the Pujiang county public security bureau also specially set up a special investigating team. After setting up the special investigating group, they set the No.118 rented apartment as the center and began blanket searches of the surrounding rented houses. When confronted, this girl adamantly refused to admit that Xiao Mao Tou had anything to do with her, explaining that the blood-stained toilet paper in the trash can was her period. Because I’m relatively fat, and with the additional concealing, no one actually noticed I was pregnant. As for Xiao Mao Tou, Zhang Jianbo has already entrusted the hospital to take care of him for a few more days. The girl’s use of cloth to bind her abdomen was likely one of the reasons that caused the premature birth, and simultaneously may have affected fetal development. Rescuers continued to alternate between using the hacksaw and pliers, nervously working to break apart the remaining half of the pipe. You’re going to get your just deserts… Girls too should increase their self-awareness, just how long have you known each other? The baby's stunning, two-hour rescue from a pipe underneath a squat toilet in Zhejiang province's Pujiang county captivated the world, prompting both horror and an outpouring of charity on behalf of the boy, who was released from a hospital late Wednesday. If they admit she did it, then they must have charges, and the world will see their terrible legal system (if you can even call it that). But this reporter learned from interviewing the Pujiang county Punan local police station that police have temporarily ruled the incident an accident. She did have a room full of toys after all so there must be some motherly love in that horrific brain of hers. At the moment, they are doing further investigation and verification, as well as intensifying the search for the newborn’s father.
Earlier reports had said that the 22-year-old mother herself took the baby out of the hospital.
The mother had initially raised the alarm about the baby when he got stuck Saturday in a pipe just below a squat toilet in a public restroom of a residential building, but she had cleaned the room of signs of a fresh birth and did not initially come forward as the mother, officials have been quoted as saying. She admitted she was the mother two days later when confronted by police who had found baby toys and blood-stained tissues in her apartment, the reports said. Police later concluded that the incident was an accident and that the woman did not initially come forward because she was frightened, but that she later started telling the truth, the Jinhua Evening News and a Pujiang county propaganda official said.
The police initially treated the case as a possible attempted homicide, but now are unlikely to file criminal charges, the newspaper and official said. Police tracked down a man believed to be the baby's father, who has requested a paternity test and -- if the baby is his -- is willing to help support the child, said the Pujiang official, who declined to give his name as is customary among Chinese officials.
Officials have not publicly released the names of anyone connected with the case, which has raised discussion over China's lack of proper education about sex, birthing and contraception in many schools. Unwanted pregnancies have been on the rise because of an increasingly lax attitude toward pre-marital sex.
Duan Wanjin, a criminal lawyer based in Xi'an, said local police erred in not prosecuting the mother. He said she could be charged with attempted homicide for not immediately calling for help after the newborn became stuck. Sociologist Li Yinhe said the only mistake by the woman was not to immediately admit the baby was hers.
Let it be bygones if there's no serious crime." The woman told police she got pregnant after a brief affair with the man, hid her pregnancy from family and neighbors, and secretly delivered the child Saturday in a rental building's restroom.
She said the infant accidentally slipped into the squat toilet and -- after cleaning up the scene -- raised the alarm.
Firefighters who arrived at the rental building found the infant trapped in an L-shaped section of sewage pipe just below the squat toilet in one of the building's shared restrooms. In video footage, officials were shown removing the pipe from a ceiling that apparently was just below the restroom and then, at the hospital, using pliers and saws to gently pull apart the pipe, which was about 10 centimeters (about 3 inches) in diameter.

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