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This WIFI HDMI display dongle can transfer digital mode contents from smart devices(mobile phones, tablets, notebooks,etc) to display devices(HDTV, Projector, etc.) with HDMI connector.
I bought this because I was looking for a lens that would actually zoom instead of just magnify. You see it's not that much use to have an 8x zoom when you are not always at the distance you wish to be from the subject.

You wouldn't be able to frame unless you cropped a picture - which is something you can already do with just your phone.
If dongle is on network mode, it will upgrade automatically when there is a new version on the dongle server.
I am sorry to mother earth because this is most likely ending up in the garbage - either mine or the seller.For starters, it's not just difficult to position on the phone camera, it's almost impossible.

The clip will need to sit on the rim of your phone in order for the lens to meet with the phone camera and it will need to be flush.

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