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RUSSIAN WEIGHTLIFTERYou can see why the Russians have long been revered for their strength, powerful physiques, and impressive performances in world class weightlifting competitions. Not finding the Free Sports Weightlifting, Fitness Training, Body Building Theme Clipart You Want Here? Over ten years ago, we created a program that has evolved into the LATICRETE Most Valued Partner (MVP) program. LATICRETE International, Inc., has partnered with Supercap to form LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC.
Specifically formulated for use in glass tile applications, LATICRETE Glass Tile Adhesive is a one-step, non-sag, polymer fortified adhesive mortar offering an ultra white color. Developed by our technical experts here at LATICRETE as another free service to benefit the industry at-large, we plan to shortly roll out the entire series of LATICRETE Technical Design Manuals in eBook formats offering a fast, easy way to reference and store complete specification details for installing tile and stone in a number of uniquely challenging settings. Step 2: Mix with slow speed mixer for one minute, a noticeable change will occur when the mix transforms from what appears to be a dry consistency to a usable consistency.
In support of sustainable initiatives to protect the environment, LATICRETE most recently launched its LATICRETE Grout Channel Refurbishment Kit. The new eco-friendly program was developed in concert with the January 2011 introduction of six new grout colors. LATICRETE has brought to market a new 3D Grout Color Selection Fan Deck for the fast, easy selection of 40 grout colors.
Tile and stone contractors bid and must install the specified tile or stone in accord with the specified in plane surface tolerance under Division 9 of the project specifications.
Figure 1 – Subfloor Flatness Minimum Requirement Charts Although the correlation is not exact, the above charts provide general guidelines on how to reconcile subfloor requirements contained in Division 3 and 9 of typical project specifications. In addition to finding common ground with concrete contractors, we are still left with the concern that concrete slabs can still migrate out of the required tolerance. Design Professionals must consider the effects of floor flatness change over time and how that affects the ability for tile and stone contractors (and other finish trades) to effectively install the specified finishes. LATICRETE Donates to Help Revitalize the Florida Botanical Gardens LATICRETE donated premium LATICRETE products to support artist Heather Anderson and a team of volunteers complete a 700 square foot (65m2) glass mosaic mural to revitalize the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida. Log onto your social networking sites and get connected to LATICRETE for the latest updates on news, products and special offers. Archer will work with his staff to build LATICRETE distribution relationships and MVP locations for the LATICRETE Architectural Products Division. LATICRETE has appointed Allen Hunter and Joseph Still to the company’s Specialty Products Division (SPD).

The most recent collaboration involving LATICRETE tile and stone installation materials and Merrimac Tile & Stone was completed just like so many others over the last half century on the job together. LATICRETE customer David Gladstein of Celtic Building Supplies in Yonkers, NY shares this great shot of his beautiful newborn. LATICRETE has continued to support the masonry students at Prince Tech High School in Hartford, CT with materials and methods for new in-class projects that help them to learn and understand the trade. LATICRETE recently donated a large amount of tile installation products to a major hospital construction project in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.
LATICRETE supplied 100% of the tile installation materials needed for the hospital project. LATICRETE, LATAPOXY, SPECTRALOCK and the logo are Registered Trademarks of LATICRETE International, Inc. It is our goal that everyone we interact with feels like a customer, even if there is no direct financial transaction between us. SUPERCAP® System licensed applicators use patented pump trucks to blend and deliver problem-solving underlayment systems to the jobsite. With an improved non-sag formula, it’s even easier to install on walls while providing full, flush joints on the floor.
The smooth and creamy consistency, combined with optimal bond strength and minimal shrinkage make it an ideal solution for hassle-free glass tile installations. The refurbished LATICRETE Grout Channel Kit program allows LATICRETE sales representatives and LATICRETE customers in the field to simply pop out the discontinued grout color channels and replace them with the six new colors available, avoiding the disposal of outdated grout channel kits. 9 car for driver Joey Ternullo in the summer long Wacky N’ Wild point series at the Waterford Speedbowl in Connecticut. This is a challenge that all of us in the tile and stone industry must address in order to assist tile and stone contractors with these battles. ACI standards (ACI 117-06 and ACI 117-10) state that the FF be measured within 72 hours of the concrete pour. DRYTEK self-leveling cements are formulated to exhibit extremely low shrinkage which results in a very high strength matrix.
She used salvaged materials from the United Tile Showroom in Seattle, WA as well as LATICRETE PermaColor Grout. Due to budgetary constraints and water conservation efforts, the once beautiful fountains and splash pools in the gardens just outside Tampa had been closed and covered with plywood. Measuring over three times that of an Olympic-sized swimming pool on a cantilevered rooftop observation deck, the Sands® SkyPark signature design element was no ordinary pool tile application.

As a preferred vendor of tile and stone installation materials for government funded projects, LATICRETE will provide product and technical knowledge across the US. The National Teaching Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti, is being built under the direction of Partners in Health, a not-for-profit, Boston-based organization that specializes in providing health services and facilities to those in need worldwide.
By taking this approach, we have been fortunate to develop deep and mutually satisfactory relationships with distributors, contractors and dealers across North America and around the world. Over the years we have strived to find new ways to add value to the MVP program for our important contractor and dealer partners, and the benefits of the program have evolved into something much more than just rebates and exciting Adventure Travel opportunities. Pumping is done from ground level and material is delivered quickly and efficiently, directly from the hose to the floor on large-scale surface preparation and remediation projects. LATICRETE SpectraLOCK PRO Premium Grout is stainproof^^ in residential installations providing the customer ease of maintenance and a beautiful appearance year after year. With Microban antimicrobial product protection, it’s the perfect choice for countertops and backsplashes.
Each strip features a vibrant, textured color deposit that bends to simulate a finished grout joint.
To offset the high costs of participating in motor sports, Ternullo, just 12, hosted his very own fundraiser in Middletown, CT, where he resides. As the artists of the glass tile mural, Anderson rallied a team of volunteers including Richard and Kathy Harder, Tampa-based tile contractor Brian Shute of Ceramictec, and tile installer John Schmidt of Coastal Ceramic Tile. Simple to use, carry and store, the LATICRETE 3D Grout Color Selection Fan Deck makes selecting the perfect color easier than ever before in a compact, pocket-sized tool. Impressively, using raffle tickets to area businesses and more, the seventh-grade student raised over $5,000 to add to his LATICRETE sponsorship for the 2011 season. Unfortunatley, these types of nagging issues are commonplace in the construction world of today. In front of a large gathering of 200 racing fans, tile contractors, local business owners, friends and family, Ternullo also took to the podium and thanked everyone for their generous support including LATICRETE, his top sponsor for this summer’s point series championship. Of course the general contractor takes no responsibility for out tolerance concrete slabs and for the expenses to reconcile the deficiencies.

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