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The story of a three year homesteading & market gardening adventure in Maple Ridge, BC.
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Yes, you can fight a bully for your kid and you can totally act like a strict disciplinarian, but as a father there a few daily duties that will make it easy for the wifey. Pacifying a Crying Baby: Yeah, it’s going to feel a bit different when you wake up to your little one's cries. Feed Baby from Bottle: So your baby’s growing from a teeny-weeny infant to a smiling toddler and you have been keenly observing. Putting Baby to Sleep: With the arrival of this bundle of joy, schedules will go wonky and sleep will become a luxury. Read a Story Book: The art of story telling and tickling your child's imagination will let you discover a whole new world.

Combing Kid’s Hair & Pleating Braids: As a caretaker of your baby girl, you might have to wake her, feed her and prep her for school, especially when your partner is away.
The Farm for Life Project was a three year project undertaken by four friends in Maple Ridge, B.C. All Daddies take note, it could be anything from braiding your princess’ hair to changing diapers and potty training. But don’t hesitate to pick up your baby and hold her for as long as possible and as often as you can as a first step to father-child bonding. So get the dope on cleaning the feeding bottles and sterilising other feeding utensils and pacifiers. Read a story book, talk about the deep dark forests, spin tales about sea creatures and see where that takes you two. As Father's Day is around the corner, we tell you how to move up the parenting charts with your sleeves rolled up.

We understand that you might not get it right immediately but hey, strong arms and a delicate baby are made for each other. Singing a lullaby once in awhile may actually be pretty fun and it will take the load off your wife. Pat yourself on the back if you already do and take a bow if you can put together a fish tail. 2013, we transformed 2.5 acres into a flourishing, environmentally sensitive, small working farm, garden, and educational site.

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