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A new Ever After High hair game in which you get to help Tinker Bell come up with some new haircuts for these 3 cute Forest Pixies: Harlow, Deerla and Featherly. Again, supaproud on this Tweeny BIG HAIR, and just pleased as punch there is yet another Baby BIG HAIR on screen (and off!) that my little BBH can identify with. Once you\'re done dealing with these cutie\'s hairstyles, you then get to dress them up in chic outfits and trendy accessories. As her personal hairstylist you have to make her look stunning using multiple tools, 24 different hair colors and endless haircut possibilities. Permanent dark circles underneath his eyes from lack of sleep and a sharp smile, when he can be bothered to.

She is tall for her age, dark skin, long black hair which is often knotted and matted with sticks and other objects, dark green eyes.
Amandla is SUPATALENTED and no doubt one to be watched for the duration of her already notable career. Both of his younger siblings, Nika and Sofia, were killed during different years in the Games. Won the Games by choking tributes with rope and almost certainly devised his siblings' strategies for the games, himself.
Seriously, at such a young age she exudes kindness, strength, beauty, talent and confidence.

She lives with her mom and two year old brother.~gummybearninja1(T)Austin Aberdeen A 15 year-old boy. He is short for his age, thin, slightly muscular from carrying bags of grain, hazel eyes, dark-brown hair.
He has one older brother who helps his mother with harvesting and one younger sister who always wants to play catch with him.

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