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What would you do if young parents ask you to watch for their baby in the evening while they are away?
Baby Hazel’s friend Jasmine is organizing a Pumpkin Party but since it is her first party she has asked Baby Hazel for help. Join the adventure together with Baby Lisi and her amazing family and travel to America, India, China and Egypt! Play Chibi Maker and make the most incredible and unique characters you’ve ever seen! Get together with Baby Hazel for the international Friendship Day, because she is organizing a Friendship Day celebration party. Monkey in the jungle is an interesting coloring game which can be played by babies and little children. This amazing kid is one of the most heroic boys you’ve ever met dear kiddos and would you like to know why? Baby Hazel was playing on the beach with her little cat and she really got dirty from the sand. Baby Lulu wants to have fun by the beach, so you have to help her take all required items for beach.
Be with Baby Hazel and Jasmine, help them with the preparations and when all that is over enjoy with all of them in the games and the activities they have planed. In each country you have to help Baby Lisi pick the perfect traditional outfit so she can walk proudly on the runway of the Fashion Show. Than my friend I will give you one easy assignment- to take care of this sweet little baby.
Baby Elsa is felling a little bit lonely because Mom Queen Idun is busy comforting new born baby Ann.

To act as veterinarian, she needs your help in dressing up in doctor costume and accessories. The festival offers great food, fun and interesting games and kids activities, horse ride and things you can’t even imagine! Today, for example, he has decided to lend a hand to his parents to attend a bit ‘of household chores. Aquarium interact with one of these fantastic animals and then to Attend Show, where dolphins jump and play, between thunderous applause of the audience.
Well, if you hesitate when somebody asks you questions like this, then you should definitely try playing . He is coming often in our Beard Salon, but our beard stylist went on holyday so now we weed your help.
Your truck drive like insane and your task is to be faster then the rest of the trucks and to win this race. However, all of us must know how important oral hygiene is and that we should not avoid dental check up. Justin was playing with his dog in the forest near his house and all of a sudden his dog was lost! Meanwhile, the parents are busy, take care of her little brother Matt, making them baby-sit. In childhood it is often manifested in intrusive desire to have younger brother or sister, as long as the desire to have dolls that are usually deprived of the opportunity to respond adequately to the right or the wrong actions of his mistress , unlike computer kid who will not tolerate a lack of attention or wrong actions ! Help Talking Tom surprise his love one by writing love note, by giving her flowers and holding her tight and with that he is showing her how much he cares.
Take advantage of the fact that Matt is playing alone to sort out and do some ‘cleaning in her bedroom.

Baby Hazel, a little girl with blonde hair, is the main heroine of the hazel games that will guide you in taking care of the kids. Finished iron Baby Hazel realizes that Dad’s car is dirty, so before you go to work will be best to help her wash. For example, look after her in the bathroom before going to bed, on the beach, in the garden where parents have vegetables growing, take her to the hairdresser, cure her teeth at the dentist and guide her in various other situations.
It will then write a system to the garage, putting in place the tools DIY dad, in the toolbox, and having a good cleaning. Finally, go into the kitchen and help her mother to wash, rinse and dry cutlery and crockery. There is nothing to say, Baby Hazel is just a good little girl and her parents are very proud of her.
The task might seem easy but consider that she needs to wake up early, take a shower, get cleaned up, eat breakfast, get dressed and so on. As she is very pretentious, baby hazel might cry so reassure the girl that fun is waiting for her there. As you see, baby hazel games allow you to feel the complexity and responsibility of caring for a child that must be done in an accessible and engaging manner. Baby Hazel Games enable children to spend time in an interesting and useful way and give them a lot of new information. Perhaps the games provide the better experience in all the features of motherhood than anyone will meet with a real baby.

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