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The world’s biggest study offering healthy eating and exercise advice to overweight and obese pregnant women has shown a significant reduction in the number of babies born over 4kg in weight. In the first major results from the LIMIT Study, published this week in the British Medical Journal, the researchers say that providing advice and assistance to adopt a healthy diet and regular exercise during pregnancy has led to an 18% reduction in the chance of a baby being born over 4kg.
Professor Dodd says overweight and obesity during pregnancy are common, affecting approximately 50% of women, and until now there has been little evidence about the benefit of dietary and lifestyle interventions on clinical outcomes in this group of women. About half of the women who took part in the study were provided with dietary and lifestyle advice promoting healthy eating and exercise, consistent with current Australian recommendations.  The remaining women continued to receive routine antenatal care. This study has been funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).  The full paper can be found at the British Medical Journal website. AboutPublished quarterly the Australian Hospital and Healthcare Bulletin is an independent peer-reviewed voice for the hospital, health and aged care professional containing regular features on major projects, healthcare disciplines, e-health, Government updates, news, conferences and events.
Late life depression is very common amongst elderly patients, and can be challenging to detect.
Art therapy projects are a great way for alzheimer's patients to express themselves, while also creating something that is beautiful. Being around pets has been shown to have beneficial effects on peoplea€™s physical and mental well-being. The aging process frequently results in limitations to the activities that senior citizens can participate in, however it is the failure to adapt and make adjustments that can lead to depression and physical infirmity. Whether you serve as the caregiver of your parent or you have limited contact with your parent, it's not easy to deal with a bitter aging parent.

Summer's heat can be physically exhausting for anyone, but elderly people may not feel heat like younger people do. The blood type and Rh factor of a pregnant woman and the father of her baby has all kinds of implications for their unborn child. Pregnant woman in country Australia will help Adelaide researchers figure out why cases of type 1 diabetes have doubled over the past two decades. Short women are twice as likely as tall ones to have a baby born premature, says a new study. Two types of embolism that can occur include amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) and venous thromboembolism (VTE, or clots in the blood).
Mind the Bump is an app for all parents with tailored meditative support from day one of pregnancy through to 24 months after birth. Pregnant women have an added reason to exercise with researchers finding that love of physical activity may start in the womb. A mother who chose not to have the whooping cough vaccine duringA pregnancyA because she was "fit and healthy" has pleaded with other women not to make the same mistake.
She ran a half marathon five months after giving birth to her second baby, but super fit mum Stephanie Bruce is honest about the realities of herA post-partum body. Sign up for our free email newsletters and receive the latest advice and information on all things parenting. Doing art projects can make your patient feel better about herself and it can also be a lot of fun.

For seniors who struggle with dementia, depression or other mental health issues, being able to spend time with a dog or cat can help improve their quality of life. The best way to keep senior citizens active and healthy is to focus on the five main ways to improve body and mind. As more and more seniors approach retirement and develop health problems, ita€™s important to take steps now so you can remain active and healthy for as many years as possible.
This easy-to-use checklist comes with games and activities to help your child build essential skills for kindergarten. While owning a pet usually isna€™t possible for assisted living residents, staff can help them enjoy the benefits of being around animals by offering pet therapy. It's important for elderly people and their caregivers to know how to stay safe in heat and sunshine. This involves making arrangements to have volunteers come in with specially trained therapy dogs to visit residents.

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