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RAW VISION: Firefighters in eastern China rescue an abandoned newborn baby boy lodged in a sewer pipe.
The boy was believed to be in a stable condition and the police were looking for his parents, state television added.
There are frequent reports in Chinese media of babies being abandoned, often shortly after birth - a problem often attributed to young mothers unaware they were pregnant.The problem is compounded by China's strict family planning rules which places greater value on boys than girls.
Amazing discovery: The newborn baby boy was rescued from a sewage pipe after being flushed down a toilet. Firefighters and doctors rescue an abandoned newborn baby boy by cutting away a sewage pipe piece by piece, in this still image taken from video, at a hospital in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, May 25, 2013.

Unmarried mothers and women who had children with men who were already married could face heavy fines under draft family planning legislation in central China. Officials in Wuhan city said the proposed rules are designed to target women who "knowingly have children out of wedlock," according to the Global Times. The Daily Mail reports that the latest case is the first time that out-of-wedlock children have been expressly singled out for penalty by one of China's municipalities. The news comes days after Baby 59 was rescued from a sewer pipe in after his mother flushed him down the toilet in Eastern China.
He Yafu, a Chinese demographer, said that the draft legislation would more than likely lead to a significant rise in the number of abandoned babies and abortions, adding that family planning officials should not be able to "regulate [moral] behavior," according to the Global Times.

Herea€™s Why Women Are More Attracted Towards 'Dominant' MenWomen find men with dominant personality more desirable, while, men, on the other hand, find sensitive women more attractive, a new study has found. Firefighters in eastern China have rescued the abandoned newborn baby boy lodged in the sewage pipe directly beneath a toilet commode, state television reported, in a case which has sparked anger on social media sites.

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