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Gain certification as an Infant Massage Instructor and enjoy flexible and rewarding work or add to your current skill base.
Parents are discovering that massage can help their child settle, sleep better, reduce crying and relieve problems such as wind, colic, constipation, reflux and eczema. IMIS provides in-services on personalised topics for health services, clinics, and related industry organisations and provides full certificate training for staff. Infant Massage Instructors earn $150-$435 per hour for group classes and $75 - $120 for private appointments. IMIS is the largest provider of infant massage training and has the largest membership base for infant massage instructors within Australia. Training can be completed via attendance at a group training or via a thorough correspondence study option. We'd like to help make sure you get started on the right track with some helpful recommendations for massage time with your baby. These small, friendly, relaxed classes are run by Lisa A Burfitt (MBSR CthA) who provides a relaxing and reassuring ambiance perfect for massage and has almost 20 years’ experience running her own busy complementary therapy business. Payment of ?40 is required either at the first class or prior to the first class via bank transfer or cheque.  Please let me know if you wish to pay in advance and the relevant details can be provided. It is through these dynamic relationships that children thrive, communication improves, and caregivers bond with their babies.

The TouchTime® motto is to be in the present with your child, and in that moment of presence, you transcend time. Whether you use Baby TouchTime® Massage, or you use the strategies for Toddler TouchTime® Massage, it is very clear, that to be providing this “hands-on experience” is to have seen the beauty and magic of childhood, the heartfelt appreciation for the gift of life that each and every child is, and the knowledge that each and every day miracles happen, and you have the power to make a difference in the life of a child, creating lifelong memories within the context of your family, that will last a lifetime. TODDLER TOUCHTIME® MASSAGE is useful for toddlers usually 8 months or older, who are beginning cruisers or walkers, to toddlers three years of age. TOUCHTIME®BABYOGA® and further your understanding and experiences about tactile communication, relationship-based practices, early childhood development, learning strategies, evidence-based practices, and worldwide trends. My son loved the massages and it really helped his digestion having been a bit constipated previously. I have almost 20 years of experience working in the complementary therapy health business and am a member of Embody (CthA) and also insured through them. Whether you have a BABY, or a TODDLER, each will benefit from either TOUCHTIME® BABY MASSAGE or TOUCHTIME®TODDLER MASSAGE.
It is in these boundaries that interweave between the baby and his or her parent, not knowing where one’s fingertips start and the other one’s stop, that primary relationships are formed and this interaction is vital for laying the foundation for all future relationships to follow. Elaine’s 4 Pillars of Care are also important when determining massage for a baby or toddler.
We must remember to keep our eyes open, allow our heart to feel, value the true beauty that children bring to life, and the role that we can play as a tour guide along their journey.

Sometimes children with special needs may be older than 8 months of age, because they have not started crawling, and their motor skills are delayed. The TODDLER BABY TOUCHTIME® MASSAGE program grew from the INFANT TOUCH TIME®as parents wanted to know how they could use the knowledge they were gaining from the INFANT TOUCHTIME® with their older children. Elaine developed the advanced TODDLER TOUCHTIME® program which is a combination of tactile and sensory experiences, language and sound production with parental participation.
Lisa is very knowledgeable and I have learnt a lot about massage itself and many traits about babies and their bodies that I never knew previously. I have developed my skills using a deep level of empathic ability and sensitivity to really get to the heart of an issue.
The "How come?" is about helping the parents understand the meaning of their baby's behavior, letting the baby take the lead.

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