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Labour will take a while [213], and when little Sim is born, you can choose him or her a name.
Then it's time for school [219] and homework which should be done in a systematic way [220].
If you took good care of female Sim, you are allowed to choose one trait of your baby - one will be automatically inherited after parents [214]. Toddler possesses only two traits, child three and teen four while young adult possesses all five traits.

When she is pregnant, she will be in a really strange mood fro few days [210], she will also go to the toilet few times to throw up. The black colour scheme of the area, the marble flooring, the musical notes starry floor patterning and the black wall pattern all create a great look and effect! It looks very nice how you have placed the purple kitchen cabinets, and the knives and bottles are nice touches on the stove wall. The drinks display shelves cabinet and the drinks glasses in the corner nooks look great together.

Sims will enjoy cooking on the BBQ and dining outdoors in the air at the umbrella covered table.
Sims will enjoy swimming in the pool, or sitting on the pool edge having a drink from the bar.

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