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I don't know if this is the same but I EBF and my little one had diapers exactly like that. How can I help my grade-schooler who is getting teased because she's shorter than other kids her age? This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.
Something mums are going to become very well acquainted with during the starting months, is their babies’ poo!
Mums Worries: What is the difference between the poop produced by breastfed babies and formula-fed baby? Lots of breastfed babies dirty a diaper every time (or most times) they eat for the first few weeks, or even months. Mums need to stock up on diapers, as baby needs more diaper change due to their delicate skin. If baby is having excessive (12 to 16 per day), watery, stinky stools, call the doc - this may be diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is characterized by stools that are mucousy, foul-smelling, more frequent than usual, blood-tinged, or watery.
My LC told me she wasn't eating enough and the mucous and green was the number one sign of it.
We have tried Zantac, several formulas, even the hypoallergenic Nutramigen and still the same.

Ped isnt concerned and said its not always a sign of "something" esp when they are happy babies. Many moms on here freaked me out that she might have an intolerance to milk, but its not showing to be the case.
I have to check the color, shape and consistency just to be sure that he's ok, and I worry endlessly when it's too frequent or not business as usual for about two days. Well he made some this morning and they were like goat poo, dried in little round pellets, so I became worried and hit the internet to see what info I could get. The color of this baby stool is usually normal, but if your baby has other symptoms that concern you, contact your health care professional.What Should I Do?Don't worry.
Your baby might be able to trash several cute outfits in a single day.What Should I Do?Be proud.
The only time you should be concerned is if your baby's poop becomes harder than a Tootsie RollA® candy or is watery.What Should I Do?Don't worry.
Your baby might need to nurse longer on each side in order to ensure enough hind-milk is consumed during each feeding.
There is no need to be concerned with the color change, as it has no significance to your baby's digestive system.What Should I Do?Nothing, it's normal. In addition to foods, some medications can also turn a baby's stool unusual colors.What Should I Do?Watch what your baby eats to ensure there is a link between the color of the stool and what she is eating.
Other foods known for turning baby poop shocking colors are carrots (orange) and spinach (green).

If your baby's stool is red for no apparent reason (no cherry PopsicleA®, no Froot LoopsA® cereal or red gelatin), call your health care provider.8.
Usually these infections aren't dangerous, but the dehydration that can result from losing too much fluid in these stools is a concern.What Should I Do?Give your baby plenty of fluids a€” formula and water, or by breastfeeding often. The younger the baby, the more frequent the diarrhea, the greater the concern for dehydration. Do not give your baby antidiarrhea medication unless advised by your health care professional. It could be a sign that your baby isn't getting enough fluid or that he's losing too much fluid from the heat, illness, or a fever. Occasional blood streaking on the surface of the stool can result when hard stools make tiny tears in the soft tissues around the anus.What Should I Do?In a very young baby, consult your health care professional, who might recommend giving your baby small amounts of extra water. You might also see streaks of mucus on the baby poop.What Should I Do?Occasional bleeding isn't cause for concern. If there is a large amount of blood (more than a few drops) or if the bleeding doesn't resolve with the softening of the stools, check with your doctor.11.

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