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Baby’s first bowel movements (stools) are dark green to almost black, tar-like and have no odor. If your baby is still having meconium bowel movements when he is 4 days old, see a healthcare provider to make sure baby is taking in enough milk. Formula fed stools are usually less watery and range in color from yellowish-brown to greenish brown. In the first few days of baby’s life, there may be a pink or reddish tinge in baby’s wet diaper. A breastfed baby, less than 3 weeks old who does not have at least one bowel movement larger than a quarter (coin) within a 24-hour period should be seen by a healthcare provider to ensure he is drinking well at the breast. Cindy and Jana are Registered Nurses who have been working together with families since 1995 and have assisted over 20,000 families.
Your child can play with small objects easily and stack (not just knock over) towers of blocks. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. We have an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist, but they won't see us until April. In any case, if he is acting lethargic and having dark circles I would not wait till April to be seen.

Four-year-olds are perpetual motion machines — running, jumping, hopping, wriggling, climbing. Pair your child's active imagination with his exploding language skills and you get some fanciful tales. If your baby’s stool is hard or if you are wondering if your baby is receiving enough milk, please consult with your healthcare provider. An occasional green stool can be normal, especially if the baby is gaining weight and seems content. They have been International Board Certified Lactation Consultants for a combined total of over 30 years. From my experience (we see a GI who specializes in allergic GI disordes and pediatric surgeon because my son has Hirschsprung's Disease along with food allergies) it looks like some food allergy or like a crohn's or celiac's - something along those lines.
My LO has had the mucousy green looking diaper before, but she doesn't have anemia or any known allergies or illnesses. You can expect your baby to have at least one bowel movement per day, larger than a quarter, for the first two days of life. As long as the stool is soft and yellowish and the baby is otherwise well and gaining weight, there is no concern. Toronto-based pediatrician Jack Newman, along with lactation consultant Teresa Pitman, write that “If the baby is content and gaining well,” parents shouldn’t worry but rather “buy … sunglasses so [they] don’t see the color.” (Newman, Pitman.

She suggested pumping at the beginning of each feeding session so he doesn't fill up on the fore milk. I suspect that she ate something that her body couldn't handle yet or that she perhaps was fighting off an illness. I keep lo on one breast at least two feeds in a row, I used to have to do it 12 hours and it was rough. If your baby continues to have this reddish tinge in the diaper by the 5th day of life, contact your healthcare provider to make sure baby is drinking enough.
But also if the bacteria in your gut is off that can cause things similar to what you're describing. And the dark circles under the eyes - I only know this because our GI mentioned it - could mean an allergy or not eating a balanced diet - like lacking vitamins.

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