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Easy to use and clean, this seat provides lots of support so your child feels secure on the toilet.
The Bumbo Toilet Trainer provides comfortable support for your toilet training child, and is a great option for your home bathroom. Mastering the art of toilet training is one thing, but mastering the art of not falling down the loo is quite another! Following the success of the Bumbo baby seat, the Bumbo Toilet Trainer is made from the same lovely squidgy foam, which gently moulds around your toddler’s bottom to help them feel secure. Distributed in the UK through The Gro Company (formerly The Gro Group), Bumbo is a name that has become synonymous with innovation and safety by providing fun products that support your child’s development. The Bumbo Toilet Trainer is really easy to place on the toilet seat, with moulded ridges underneath that hold it in place.

My initial reaction was that the hole in the seat looked a bit small, but everything ended up where it was supposed to, so it must be the right size!
The Bumbo Toilet Trainer is made from one piece of foam, so the best thing about it is that it’s really easy to clean.
The Bumbo Toilet Trainer is also quite big and bulky, so it’s not very easy to put away when not in use.
Fans of the Bumbo baby seat and all parents seeking the comfiest toilet training seat around. Soft, comfortable and easy to keep clean, the Bumbo Toilet Trainer provides security and support, but it’s not that cheap and is rather bulky. Josef has been toilet trained for almost a year, but he still needs the security and support of a toddler toilet seat.

Other seats we’ve tried are made of plastic with padded foam seats, which can get grubby, but I feel confident that the Bumbo Toilet Trainer will stay clean and hygienic. However, you are paying for a high quality, durable product, and it's by no means the only seat sold at this price.

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