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My fix-it ticketI received a fix-it ticket from an LAPD cop for not having a driver's license with my new mailing address (even though I later confirmed that it's not necessary to have my new address on my license, so long as I notify the DMV, which I did).As I was looking at my ticket, I noticed that in the box designating my race, the officer wrote "O." What do you think O stands for -- "Other" or "Oriental"? Who needs new episodes of The Office when you have Hot Tub Kenny?The writers strike will inevitably lead many to spend more time on the Internet for entertainment.Aside from Poplicks, here are five other gold-star websites I recommend you check out. Going out on a prosthetic limbAbove is one of two new billboard campaigns with Heather Hills for a vegan charity in the UK.Regardless of whether it's true that Heather is seeking half of Sir Paul's $1 billion+ fortune, I'm pretty sure that most Brits will be eating more meat and dairy out of spite. Mariana Lucas, Miss HuamboI'm not big on beauty contests, but I have to admit that the Miss Landmine project is a beautiful idea.After visiting Angola, Norwegian artist Morten Traavik observed that African disabled women were looked down upon and isolated, not to mention perceived as helpless victims by the international community. Straight Outta CambridgeThis week's Friday Feedback track is:"All My Shootings Be Drivebys" by MC Hawkingfrom the new LP, A Brief History of Rhyme(For some reason, DivShare seems to be malfunctioning. Do Ellen's writers mean less to her than the adopted dog she bawled about?This Week's Question:You are TV host Ellen Degeneres. The face of isciopagusI remain fascinated with the story of Lakshmi Tatma, a 2-year-old Indian girl (above), who was born with four arms and four legs after consuming her parasitic twin in the womb.The extensive surgery to remove her twin was apparently successful, which seems like a miracle.

Those in SoCal should go check out the latest event produced by the good people at Projekt Newspeak: a Sketch Comedy Show on December 1st. Errrbody in America getting tipsyThis Week's Question:This holiday season, to whom do you intend to tip or provide a holiday bonus?(This article suggests that current recipients of holiday tipping include building superintendents, housekeepers, hairdressers, child-care providers, fitness trainers, spa attendants, dog walkers, and elder-care workers. I'm 33 weeks on Wed as well and the doc started checking me 2 weeks ago because I was doing a stress test and having a lot of contractions, so they wanted to make sure I was dilated, which I am already 2 cm. Senator.If this is true, which senator do you predict will be the latest to be involved in a sex scandal? Having the feel of Saturday Night Live meets The Chappelle Show, The Sketch Comedy Show will be taped with a live audience of over 350 and will ultimately be pitched to industry executives as a potential new TV show.PRE-SALE TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!!!
I believe it was because I was having a scheduled Csection anyway and he didn't want to introduce germs or infections down there. Anyway I told him that I had been hurting real bad like mid-May (2011) and this was in June when I let him know.

Sometimes I will stick a Q-tip in the right one briefly for the sake of balance, but I only like to do it to the left one."Make like a Catholic priest and absorb other people's naughty secrets.
Each of the pageant candidates represents her own province by disseminating information to other similarly-situated women and coordinating assistance.
So I really think that I was in labor a majority of that time and he just kept saying that it was braxton hicks.

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