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Signing: To sign potty, make your hand into a fist with thumb peeking out between the index finger and the middle finger.
I understand the sign for potty better than the book I’ve just gotten out the library for my 2 year old son.
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Usage: We use toilet when we begin the process of potty training or when baby begins to be curious about mommy or daddy using the toilet. To learn how and when to teach the sign, take a look at the toilet page for a video, diagram, and tutorial.

It is the sign for the letter P (closed hand with thumb between your pointer and middle finger) and then make the motion. For anybody that doesn’t sign this looks like my son is swearing and I was uncomfortable using this sign. Parents advisor Linda Acredolo, PhD, who first developed sign language for babies 20 years ago, has released a new Baby Signs Potty Training program, which comes with a parent guide, a DVD, and a lift-the-flap picture book.
2 of 7 2 of 7 Facebook PinterestPhillip Graybill The Sign: MoreTap your fingertips together to ask your baby if she wants more milk -- and she'll eventually use the sign to let you know she still has to pee or poop.Win Baby Gear! 3 of 7 3 of 7 Facebook PinterestPhillip Graybill The Sign: All DoneYour baby can let you know when she's ready to get off the potty by sweeping her arms in front of her body. 4 of 7 4 of 7 Facebook PinterestPhillip Graybill The Sign: WashWashing hands is an important part of the routine, so circle one fist over the other to remind your child to go to the sink.Win Baby Gear!

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