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Endeavoring to bring FUN back into children's clothing, NOO Designs' clothing& accessories are made from 100% Cotton & hand dyed for superior quality using colorfast dyes so fun prints will not ruin in the wash! Potty training involves a period of observation and action, followed by a plan to be successful.
Most girls will potty train fairly easily around 2, whereas boys may take a little longer (perhaps because language develops earlier as a general average in girls, and language is part of the preparatory checklist that needs to be intact before potty training can be accomplished).
Grabbing a few children’s books about pottying and incorporating them into your child’s reading routine is a good idea – that way the characters they love in books (for my son, it was Elmo) already potty and serve as beloved role models. Understand that you must DAY train a child successfully before expecting your tot to be successful at night – and often night dryness may not be achieved for 6-12 months after the days have been mastered. Assuming ALL 5 elements above are in place (no matter what your child’s age), what’s the plan?
Carve out a week to dedicate to helping your child learn to potty and announce this to your child. Go to your local office supply store and grab a big posterboard and place it directly in front of the toilet where you plan to help your child potty. Just entering the bathroom gets them a sticker, sitting on the pot gets them 2, actually peeing gets them 3 stickers or a small prize, and pooping gets them a big prize. Developmentally, the growth of this sticker board is a constant reminder of the rewards associated with the bathroom, as well as a reminder of success. Purchase a dozen pairs of underwear (not training pants or pull-ups) – this way if your child starts to go, your tot will FEEL the wetness (rather than having it absorbed by a pull-up).
Make sure your training bathroom is well lit, warm and that you have a step stool for climbing onto the toilet, but also a platform for putting little feet so your tot can have the physiologic support needed to “push” if pooping.
We want to maximize success of getting there on time, so your little one can just wear underwear, a shirt and comfy shoes. Give your child frequent sips of water and fluids so that his bladder has something to work with! Repeat, every 30 minutes and, of course if he pees in the potty, it’s a party (you can even throw in some party music if wanted) and extra rewards come! After the 2 hour mark, ask if he wants to continue and then go for another hour; then back to diapers. If you get through the first week, just remember that once you’re back in the “real world” of errands, driving in the car, seeing friends, going out, that your rhythm at home can’t be duplicated once outside.

Don’t let up on your child’s diet; maximize drinking fluids while at home, but cut back a little when on the road to reduce the chances of accidents.
Pack extra clothes and underwear (and bring a few diapers) as likely there will be slips for a few weeks and NEVER punish your child for an accident. My daughter always sits beside me on her own potty and ALWAYS has to be there when I’m in the bathroom since she was a year old. My daughter was 9 months old the first time I held her on the potty, she was completely potty trained by 15 months old. They certainly helped me with my son…the key thing was, we were BOTH ready, and so the tone of the whole week was positive, upbeat, and we kept it light and fun! I let my daughter start using her toilet when she was ready to use, I never wanted to force the idea to her because I didn’t want her to be afraid of it. Mine should be about to start (18 monthes) because he tries to make us know by bringing a diaper!
With the cutesy designs and vibrant colors we have available you are sure to garner ooh's and aah's from all!! It is the biggest, deepest baby tub on the market and, it features a special molded contour on one side designed to hold younger babies in a comfortable and convenient position, leaving the adult's hands both free (older babies, up to two years of age, are accommodated on the reverse side).Made from non-toxic plastic, this model of bathtub makes bath time safe,fun and convenient for both baby and mom,It's like gaining an extra pair of hands for mom! DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. JJ Levenstein 7 Comments Don’t we all love it when our little ones make that leap from diapers to underwear? Have him sit and read a book with him for 5-10 minutes to relax him and give his bladder a chance to relax and empty.
Don’t be surprised if there is a bit of reluctance in public restrooms or in the homes of others. She is 3 and is starting to get used to it, now she only wears a diaper when we go out and when she goes to bed at night.
We just put potty chairs in every room of the house and invited them to try it out every 30 minutes all day long, sans pants!
Parents love having their baby's name on things so these will work great when you add an initial, name, or monogram and give as a baby shower gift.
These imitative behaviors are key, but NEVER let your child see you strain or look as if you are in pain – you don’t want them to witness what they then will think is a traumatic event.

Stool must be soft enough to be “soft serve” in consistency, so when the urge hits, it’s NEVER painful or difficult. If no pee, put up another sticker for sitting and cooperating, praise him, pants up, out of the potty you go.
The toilets are unfamiliar, the acoustics of flushing are loud and the rooms may be a little cold. JJ Levenstein is a board-certified pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and in 2012 retired from her thriving private pediatric practice in Encino, California. She is extremely stubborn so unless she sits on the potty herself when she wants to she wont stay on it. I think I did pretty well in easing it to her, of course everytime I went to use the restroom she always wanted to come in with me and she sat down in her own toilet as if she was mimicking me. Toddlers almost immediately associate that feeling with negativism and start to withhold stool willfully – after about 2-3 days of doing this, the stool in their rectums is so rock hard (from dehydrating in the “chamber”) that it’s impossible to cajole them into believing defecation will be pleasurable.
She served on the staff of CHLA and Encino Tarzana Hospitals for 20 years and was consistently voted one of the Best Doctors in America® from 2003 through 2012. My granddaughter was not as quick, but that’s not her fault, a parent has to be dedicated to the process. Work on your child’s diet, with the help of your pediatrician, in order to achieve soft, easy to pass stools.
Your pediatrician likely will recommend fewer dairy products, more water and a diet rich in fiber and produce.
Levenstein serves as president and co-founder of MD Moms, makers of Baby Silk, the first personal care line for babies developed by pediatrician moms.
She serves on the board of United Cerebral Palsy LA, is an active writer and sits on the advisory boards of several child-centered websites. She has had a lifelong interest in child nutrition and all things related to preventive health.

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