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At the start of potty training, children tend to show an interest in this thing called a potty. When your child has his first 100 percent accident free day you will probably jump for joy, and it will be premature. Once your child is officially potty trained, stay in the habit of bringing an extra change of clothes with you. Moving from one potty training stage to another can leave parents wondering why their once enthusiastic potty trainer now fears the toilet monster.
When it seems potty training has stalled or gone backwards, resorting to diapers and giving up isn’t going to resolve a potty training problem.
Potty training is both the hardest and most rewarding thing a parent can go through with their toddler.
Some take to potty training in a few short days while others take their time over several months. They want to join their parents and siblings in the restroom and are fascinated by flushing the toilet. However, for those who enter this stage, it can take hold and stop potty training in its tracks. When stuck in a downhill stage some even start to believe that their child just is not “ready” and go back to diapers.

She lives a happy life in Maine with her two children, where they love to hike, visit the beaches and have lots of silly fun. It's hard because the learning curve is so dramatic, but rewarding because the benefits are immense. Try a different approach, if your child used the standing potty chair, maybe they would be more successful using a seat which attaches directly to the toilet," says Renner.
When riding the potty training roller coaster you’ll learn to hold off on declaring “he’s finally potty trained” to your friends and family. According to Elizabeth Pantley in The No-Cry Potty Training Solution, potty training regression happens to most children. Instead, go with your child’s progression and take small steps backwards, such as bringing back treats and rewards for sitting on the potty. We asked experts Devra Renner and Aviva Pflock, co-authors of, Mommy Guilt: Learn To Worry Less Focus On What Matters Most and Raise Happier Kids, to help us tackle some common challenges. Whether your child is 18 months, two years old or three years old, you are likely to go through several potty training stages. But for many children, the interest stage passes once they’ve learned all they can about what happens in the potty room. It may be when he poops or pees for the first time and realizes he is sitting over a large gaping hole.

Most likely, you will slowly discover over the course of a week or two that your child is truly potty trained. Try new games for potty time to renew your child’s interest in the potty and you will have a potty-trained child before you know it. When children are no longer entertained by flushing the entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet they also lose interest in potty training.
It may happen when a helpful sibling flushes the toilet while your potty trainer is sitting over the large gaping hole. It can be easier to work through when potty training early, as a one-year-old or infant may eventually forget. In his mind going to the potty is intruding on much more important things that must be done.
Never fear, if you take quick action to use the same rewards and steps you took to potty train the first time, the regression phase should resolve quickly.

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