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I wrote this page out of experience, I am not a professional rehabber, you should consult with a vet prior to engaging in any rehabilitation process. What to do if you find orphaned coons:If you happen to find a litter of raccoon kits, DON'T TOUCH THEM! I would like to make it very clear that I, personally do not believe in keeping a coon as a pet.
The information that I have on this page is how we raise our raccoons and it is, in my opinion, very effective. Observe them for several hours to see if the mother will come back, she may be out finding food. If she doesn't return, call your local rehabber or Veterinarian and they will tell you exactly how to handle the situation.
In Zoey's case, her eyes and ears were open, but she was still very friendly so, the people that found her just picked her up.
I suggest using shredded newspaper as most kitty litter is very dusty and can cause respiratory problems.

This is NOT always a good idea, as raccoons have fourty razor sharp teeth and extremely sharp claws! What to do with a kit once you get it:If you do end up with some orphaned coon kits, you can buy a small bottle at a local pet shop or at Wal-Mart. Please, if you find a baby and want to raise it, do so, but make sure it gets released back into the wild. However, if you have several kits, this can get a bit pricey, so I'll post a recipe for home-made coon formula below. Also, realize that they might not necissarily want the bottle at first, simply because they are not used to it.
Zoey also has a liking for frosted shredded wheat cereal, (after it gets soggy) so we crush that and put it in her bottle too.
Don't let it get too tight, that's the first sign of over-eating!* ***After Feeding***When the kits are very young, their digestive system is not yet fully mature. From there you can start teaching them to lap their milk, pour it over pieces of bread or cereal.

It is because of this that you'll have to stimulate their anal area to encourage defication. We've also heard adding canned cat food to the formula does the trick, and soon they'll be eating the canned food by itself. The mother licks that area to help them but for the coons safetly, and yours, just use a moist, warm, soft cloth to wipe back to front. Sometimes, they may not feel like going, but generally right after feeding is the best time to attempt this.

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