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NEW hands-on sensory activities will thrill your baby, teaching them communication skills at the same time.
You'll experience bright and beautiful sensory toys, such as voile scarves, tactile rubber shapes, flashing balls, stretchy Lycra, bubbles, mirrors and stunning quality music. You'll play instruments to accompany the songs and read books together, to have fun with the signs, introducing your baby to the magical worlds within literature.
You'll have a 2nd half hour just for play time and refreshments, to recharge everybody's batteries! Your baby will develop their listening skills, as they hear the nursery rhymes, action songs and, specially written for TinyTalk, quality music from internationally-acclaimed composers. Your baby will enhance their fine motor skills as they pick up and handle the tactile rubber shapes, the scarves and the instruments, helping them to clap, point, wave and sign!
Your baby will strengthen their vocal skills, as they babble, stick their tongue out, blow raspberries with you and begin to join in the songs.
It makes sense to sign up to TinyTalk Baby Signing Classes to help your little one learn how to talk- because chatter matters!
We're thrilled to have been selected by Tesco, helping them launch their brand-new Community Areas in their Extra Stores. When Harry was 7 months old and I was late with his milk one morning, he gave a cry from his room and then made the 'milk' baby sign very clearly to me! When Lucy was a bit older, at 10 months, she got very excited one day when we were shopping. We now deliver over 500 baby signing classes a week, teaching baby signs to over 7,000 families. And, if you can't make a baby signing class, you can still learn baby sign language at home, using our award-winning baby signing DVD, CDs and Signing Pack!
And if you fancy joining the team, doing something fun and worthwhile, working with your baby, we'd love to hear from you!
Our TinyTalk Baby Signing Classes have been such a success that we've now grown up a little and offer fantastic TinyTalk Toddlers Classes!

Offering the same top-quality language teaching as the Baby Signing Classes, through themes such as 'meal times' or 'bedtime', we continue to have fun with well-known action songs, sharing great story books, playing with puppets, props and percussion instruments.
TinyTalk were chosen by Blooming Marvellous to give baby signing demonstrations in their shops.
The Baby Sensory Franchise programme comprises of over 40 unique, themed sessions for parents and their young babies.
Up to 20 parents and babies attend each Baby Sensory session and the sessions are typically run at a hired venue such as a local community centre. Baby Sensory founder Dr Lin Day started running her own Baby Sensory classes in Salisbury in 2004. The first Baby Sensory Franchise owner, Lucy Thomson started her classes in Kent in October 2006.
Additionally, the Baby Sensory programme now runs in 16 countries throughout the world including USA, China, Canada, Italy, Spain, Holland, Scandinavia, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. In January 2010, the Baby Sensory Franchise launched its follow on programme 'Toddler Sense' and this has had an immediate impact. The training was very informative and the staff at Marjon have used it to create sensory learning experiences for all children! The children initially explored the sensory box in a circle time, using their hands to touch the different textures and exploring which made them feel comfortable and which they did not like touching.
The children then explored their senses, using their eyes to see, hands to touch, noses to smell and ears to hear. The objects for exploration included soft furry toys, scented candles, light up toys, coloured objects, hard rubber, soft rubber toys and lots more!
The children learnt that some objects might make a child feel safer to play, they might like to hold on to it and make it flash or smell it or stroke it when they felt uncertain. Please click on the pictures below for further information and parents comments on our sessions.
Piloted first in Watford and Sunderland Tesco Extra Stores, Tesco has asked for TinyTalk classes as a priority in King's Lynn and Blackpool- and in ALL the other Extra Stores' Community Areas being rolled-out over the next year.

Visit our testimonials page to read lots of lovely stories from happy TinyTalk families, all benefiting from teaching their babies to express themselves, long before they can speak.
These are for nurseries, childminders, health professionals and full-time working parents who maybe aren't able to make the classes.
As the children are older though, and generally standing, the classes are more physical, with even greater interaction, parachute fun and lots of language games. Following the success of her classes Lin decided to offer the Baby Sensory Franchise in July 2006.
Baby Sensory now has over 150 Infant Development Business owners running classes throughout the UK.
There are now over 30 franchisees running the Toddler Sense programme in the UK and this is expected to continue its growth in 2013. The older children could use descriptive words to explain and voice their opinions, likes and dislikes as well as describing what they could feel. With over 500 classes running each week, just click on the orange tab, 'Find a class', above, to find your nearest class.
I was equally delighted to have a 'window' to their minds - not just guessing but really knowing what they were thinking about. Again, through both speech and signs, we give your toddler the encouragement to communicate, whether through signs or speech.
One in every 45 babies born in the UK now attends Baby Sensory Infant Development Business classes every week and classes run in over 400 locations.

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