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BABY SHOWER ADVICE CARDS 4x6 U PRINT - $4.00 : U Name It Favours, Thank you for shopping with us today! A fabulous, cheap and easy way of getting Personalised Invitations for your special occasion, print as many or as few as needed. If you have a particular theme or design in mind, which isn't shown here, just email me and we will try and fill your request.
Baby Shower Words of Advice Cards - BAC012 - $0.50 : U Name It Favours, Thank you for shopping with us today!

I recently helped cohost a baby shower for a dear friend who was expecting her second little bundle of joy. When each guest finished filling out their cards, I provided a small burlap favor bag, to slip their card in to.
To go a step further for the mommy of honor, you could find a super cute container to put all of the advice cards in, that would look adorable on the dresser or nightstand in the nursery. I'm an early "30-something," gal, from Farmington Missouri, who loves organization, decorating my home, good deals, and anything else that makes me feel like "Supermom." I'm so very fortunate to stay at home with my two little boys, while my husband works incredibly hard to support all of us, with his career in real estate development.

Once you have approved your customized design, I will email you with your high resolution design ready to print, looks great printed on cardstock or photo paper. With the mindset of keeping it laid back and casual, we decided to keep everything low key, and do a little something that would be meaningful… rather than play those stinking baby shower games, that no one in our group of friends, really wants to play.

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