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Disclaimer: We would like to let you know that some images used on this website are in the ownership of their respected owners. There are of course hundreds of free baby shower invites on the web but only  a few truly impress. Tom Kurzanski of Tom Kurzanski Illustration & Design shares a free PDF for baby shower invitations and gift tags. This card is designed to invite realatives and friends to meet the newborn for the first time.
Use 19 size 2 diapers, onesie, mittens, socks, infant hat, receiving blanket, pacifier, & basket.
I rolled the diapers and put them in the sleeper and blew the face up on the computer to fit the size of the baby. I just think putting the face of a baby makes it look so much cuter and this was my daughters other baby that I used the picture of.

In order to respect fair usage policy we placed link to each and every image source to respect ownership. If you’re searching for a stunning baby shower invite to announce your forthcoming event, then this selection will surely be of help. This illustrative design is free to use too! Download the free baby shower invitation here. Visit the site and you can also find three cute versions of  this baby shower invite. Download the free baby shower invitation here. You will love its sweet wording and very simple layout. Download the free baby shower invitation here. This is typically given a month after the baby is born. Download the free baby shower invitation here.
I thought this gift would be a perfect way to celebrate when she finally got her little one!

It was made with diapers, sleeper, baby cap, toy, and a picture of my granddaughter that I fit to the size of the baby.
Here’s your guide to cute, classy, and truly stunning printable baby shower invitations! Just go to the designer’s website by clicking the links below to get the full instruction on how to create the invitation. I used about 30 diapers for baby.It was 30 diapers, bodysuit, hat, mittens, socks, blanket, pacifier and holder. There are also baby gloves and booties and on the bottom of baby are baby shampoo and lotion, a rattle and a bottle.

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