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Baby Shower Alphabet game is a very interesting game for baby shower so I have made free printables for this game in three colors.
How to Play: Give your baby shower party guests a printed sheet for this alphabet game in color of your choice and a pen.
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Guess the price of common baby products with this fun and free baby shower game, based on the TV hit The Price is Right. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
This game will test and challenge the power of observation of your baby shower party guests.
How to Play: In the middle of baby shower gaming session ask mom-to-be to leave the room for a while and distribute what was mommy wearing game cards among your baby shower party guests along with a pen or pencil for each guest. To save this game just click on the image on the left and it will open the printable image.
For a girl baby shower save this image in pink color and print it one or two days prior to your baby shower party. Here is a gender neutral free printable version of what was mommy wearing game in yellow color.

This is another unique and funny baby shower game that will give a whole new meaning to names of candy bars. I have made this free printable match the candy name game in 3 different colors so you can play this on boy or girl baby shower parties and it will match any baby shower party theme.
How to Play: Distribute printed baby shower match the candy name game cards and pens and pencils among your baby shower party guests. Here is an adorable free printable for Match the candy bar name game in green color that you can use on gender neutral baby shower party in case you do not know or want to disclose gender of the baby.
This free printable match the candy bar name game in blue color is perfect for boy baby shower party. If you are having a girl baby shower then you can use this free printable game in pink color. There are alphabets written from A-Z with a space in front of the alphabets where your baby shower party guests can write words starting with that alphabet. I have prepared free printable what was mommy wearing baby shower game cards in three colors to suit your baby shower party needs. Follow the same method to save this pink image that I have mentioned to save blue printable image for this game. You can also use this image for both boy and girl baby showers if it matches your theme more.

Guests will have to take hints from baby and pregnancy related clues and have to match the right clue with the name of right candy bar. This game is beautifully made with colorful graphics and your baby shower party guests will enjoy these graphics as well as the game.
You can use blue game cards for boy baby shower, pink for the girl baby shower and yellow game cards if you do not know or do not want to disclose gender of the baby. If you print this game on hard card stock then it will be even better or you can print this on ordinary printing paper to keep the game cost effective. Here is the solution for this game so you can check answers of your baby shower party guests. To save this image simply click on it and you will see the bigger image, just right click and save it in your computer.

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