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Lilsugar is celebrating mamas-to-be all month with extensive baby shower coverage that will help you put on awww-inducing, unique, socially relevant, and hip fetes. When we planned the party's decor, I suggested you ask guests to bring photos of their loved ones and children to hang on a clothespin banner at the party. Creative and lovely, advice cards are a great way for friends and family to share their words of wisdom with the Mommy-to-be at her baby shower.
Games are a tradition at most baby showers, and hosting a baby shower for twins makes for some creative options. These games pit your competitive-minded guests against one another, either individually or in teams.
Divide guests into teams of two to see who can put diapers on twin baby dolls in the shortest time.
There were two animals on Noah’s Ark, and undoubtedly there were lots of little babies soon thereafter.
In this popular twin shower game, the hostess displays a tray of items to guests for a short period of time. This is a simple shower game that requires a dozen different pairs of baby socks and a stopwatch. When the game is over, you can give the pairs of socks to the expectant mother as a little gift.
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Baby Sleep Training 101 is the complete guide to establishing healthy baby sleep habits and teaching your baby to sleep through the night.
This week, we are planning an heirloom-themed party that asks guests to pass on stories, advice and heirloom goods instead of filling a nursery with new goodies. If they do, one of the day's activities should be a half hour dedicated to story telling and sharing advice for the new mommy. Since just 3% of pregnancies are for multiples, this is your chance to do something new, entertaining, and memorable for the guests. We break them down into three categories: competitive games, timed games, and ongoing (throughout the shower) games. In this game, you challenge the guests to write down as many baby animals as they can in 30 seconds. On the tray are lots of baby-related items — baby shoes, baby socks, hats, bottles, pacifiers, and that sort of thing. You jumble up all of the socks, then each participant must match them up as quickly as possible.
When they find it, they must remember the name of the person with the match and what it was.
You can easily make these bingo cards yourself (just make sure that they’re all unique). Once that is over, have each guest fill out our fill-in-the-blank Wishes for Baby card (you can download it in blue and pink or brown and orange for free), collect the cards, and have the mother-to-be or grandmother-to-be read the wishes out loud to the whole group.

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Hand out these personalized advice cards to each guest as she arrives, or pass them out during the shower as a fun activity. Whether they work together on one doll at a time, or each try to do one on their own, is up to them. You make ice cubes, each with a little plastic baby (or two, since it’s a twin baby shower) inside.
Then she puts the tray away, and guests have to write down how many things they remember being displayed.
Alternatively, you can set a time limit of fifteen seconds, and count how many pairs each participant puts together. Our designers reserve the right to adjust the size of the font or graphic, if necessary.See matching paper products and decorations in our baby shower decorations section.

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