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If you are anything like me, sitting in a living room and playing typical baby shower games is not my idea of a fun baby shower. If you are the creative soul of your circle, this feat will be simple for you to accomplish.
If you live in a country area and it is a reasonably warm time of the year, creating a maze out of haystacks is an awesome baby shower game to use for a big reveal as well. If your baby shower party is an athletic bunch that loves to run in 5ks, why not run for your lives this year.
A “Who done it” baby shower full of mystery, excitement, and fun is one that no one will ever forget. The plant holder is new, but the alphabet blocks have 45-year-old holes drilled in them from a craft project my mother started for the first baby born in her circle of college friends. A pen and envelopes were placed at the door so guests could pre-address their thank-you envelopes.
Our friends’ original idea was for the game to be Pin-the-Baby-on-the-Breast using a drawing of a mother.
Guess the animal baby names a€” Given a list of animals, write down the name for the baby version of that animal. The idea with this game is to see how many pairs of baby socks you can match together in 60 seconds.
Next, we opened gifts while a friend wrote down who gave us each item, in order to make our thank you notes easier to manage.
Other than hosting the party in our home, everything was arranged by two friends in consultation with my wife. With our first child, at this time in the pregnancy my wife was well into her prenatal depression, and later her postpartum depression.
Statistics vary widely, but 50 to 90 percent of mothers who experience pregnancy or post-birth depression have it recur with later children. So it was delightful to be surrounded by friends and be filled with happiness and hope for the future.
The link on my name is Robin marching through the hospital on her way to meet Noah for the first time.
OK, Pin-the-umibilical-cord-on-the-baby is the most hilarious shower game I’ve ever heard of! Also, Paul — that sounded like a really sweet thing to do with your daughter when faced with a new baby.
If you are throwing a baby shower for both men and women, it will always be a little different than the traditional baby shower which is only for women. When opening gifts, either have both expectant parents open them together or take turns doing so. Make a list of common words related to babies with scrambled letters (such as teltob instead of bottle). You have to plan ahead of time for this game by buying pillows, fanny packs, and weights such as soup cans, or bags of sand or water. Take a few (five to six) different chocolate types and melt them in numbered diapers, making note of which chocolate is in which diaper. Guys tend to get scared of the idea of baby showers, the activities and conversation that goes with it.
The most important thing is to not worry too much about the party or reinventing the baby shower.

Nautical Baby Shower Games are the games played in the baby shower celebration on the nautical theme. Apart from these games, there are many other aspects that you have to take care of as the host of the baby shower.
The baby shower attendees are the game pieces of course, and the first one to make it to the momma-to-be, who will be relaxing in a comfortable chair, will win the game. If your guest of honor loves to watch “The Walking Dead”, this unique baby shower game will thrill her to no end. Before the party started, I headed out to get paper plates so folks could take some cake home with them. It’s supposed to represent the two arteries and one vein in a real umbilical cord (white was just the color we had available).
The original plan was for him to draw a fetus inside its mother, but the images the artist googled weren’t too attractive. Except, I thought the object people pinned on the breast should be an open pair of baby lips so you could accurately gauge proximity to the nipple, but that seemed a bit much. It’s a good idea in principle to ward off a sibling from feeling jealous of the baby.
It was composed primarily of rolled disposable diapers (wrapped with hair ties my daughter can use).
Yeah, those are retractable twist-out crayons in plastic holders, which seems a bit silly to assure sharpness, but OK. We wouldn’t recognize it until many months later, so a great deal of our first pregnancy was unhappy to my inexplicable dismay. On a serious note, it is great that you have involved a therapist with the ppd from the get-go. A baby shower is like any other type of party in which you need to think about your guests when planning the invites, food, and activities. In this case, you will have less frilly activities and fewer games such as those at women-only baby showers. Everyone who isn’t pregnant puts a pillow underneath their shirt and wears a fanny pack filled with weight.
Instead of referring to the party as a baby shower, call it a celebration, including on the card.
Consider having a barbecue and beer or pink and blue cocktails on your back porch (with non-alcoholic options for the pregnant women).
If you are willing to put a little time and energy into planning a great baby shower, I have quite a few epic ideas that will make you the “go to” baby shower planner in your circle. You choose the ultimate focus of the game, whether it is revealing twins, the baby’s sex, or name. Secure mom and dad’s seat as spectators while the majority of the guest list goes on a run- away from zombies. We chose our home because with a mix of work and non-work friends, it’s the one location everyone knows.
RSS feed is provided for personal private use, not full-text syndication on public third party sites. The non-blindfolded partner gives the blindfolded one instructions on how to make the perfect diaper. Another option is a baby bottle relay in which the team lines up and each member has a bottle full of juice.

Consider making a custom CD or small bags filled with chocolate-covered pretzels or cookies. If you find a generous farmer, who is willing to build an awesome maze for a reasonable price, you can turn the entire baby shower into an outdoor event. A murder-mystery dinner business is sure to appreciate a creative mind and may accommodate you with special privileges if you call ahead.
This platter was brought in and they began slicing organic strawberries, oranges, mango, grapes and blueberries. Due to the style of event management we had (people talking and having a good time is a good thing), we never got around to doing the race.
The good news is, you know what to look for the second time around and you can jump on it faster and embrace the resources faster.
I’ve seen you mention it several times, and I really appreciate your candor on that subject. This baby shower game is ideal for children; you will not hear one complaint about anyone being bored. Do not be afraid to reach out the organizers to let them know about the surprise baby shower.
I thought it couldn’t possibly be emptied, but the guests had a good go of it, and two normal size platters, too.
More women need to be open about their experiences with postpartum depression (and prenatal). As the name suggests, your guests will show up at the event dressed in nautical themed attire.
You can either use coffee cans to prop hand-made signs to mark the board, or lay the cardboard signs on the ground, creating a maze to the mother-to-be.
More than likely, they will help you come up with a very creative and comfortable seating situation for mom and dad. They must also prepare a short skit or some lines to say as the person they are dressed up as.
For safety reasons, I would not suggest hopping on the signs; walking beside them is advisable. If you are not looking for a new adventure around every corner, my ideas may be extreme for you.
As a host, you get to pick which games are suitable and should be included in the baby shower. However, for the rest of you who are always looking for a new thrill, remember to think outside the box when planning baby showers.
Another funny game is to make the guest write and read out letters written to the baby in a nautical theme. This is lots of fun since the nautical theme means writing the letter like a pirate or a navy man. This is also cute for the guests will shower the baby with blessings and love but with a twist. It makes up for an interesting game and people have fun listening to each other’s letters.

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