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Two of the games are available for download right here, and three are available over at I Heart Nap Time (you see, this is a little collaboration between me and Jamielyn of I Heart Nap Time – we’re both throwing baby showers this month, and we wanted to celebrate on both of our blogs!). The Price Is Right • Enter items from the mom-to-be’s registry into this editable game, then have guests guess the prices of each item. Nursery Rhyme Guessing Game • Fill in the blanks for classic nursery rhymes, like Humpty Dumpty and The Three Little Kittens.
And to download Wishes for Baby, Baby Shower Bingo, and The Price Is Right, visit I Heart Nap Time. I hope you are getting lots of hits on this because it blew up on my blog and pinterest yesterday! The price is right games don't seem to be working for me, I just keep getting redirected to the same websites but the game never downloads.
You can download 2 games directly from my site, and there are links to download the other 3 games at I Heart Nap Time, promise! I just downloaded the hostess answer key for the Nursery Rhyme Guessing Game and it still doesn't match up. The guest would fill out the top half without seeing the bottom half, so they don't know what the story will be.

Hi, I love your free printables and I've found the first set (Nursery Rhyme Guessing Game & Advice for Mommy) but I keep going in circles trying to download the Price is RIght game.
Thanks for these but when I go to the other blog, her only link for the second set of games directs me back to this page. Baby games - games - free online games, free games online!, Satisfy your maternal or paternal instinct with a whole category of games that let you play caretaker for one baby (or several) without the lifelong commitment.. Baby games - play free baby games poki.!, Baby games: play dress- games, babysit crying toddler, fun virtual child , free online baby games! Baby games - games girls, play girl games online free!, Here, find baby games care baby. Windows pc software downloads reviews cnet, Provides free downloads of safe, trusted, and secure windows software. Happy easter cards, free happy easter ecards, greeting, Easter fills us with hope, joy and warmth. Recent Commentsgeometry dash cheats on Ie8 Windows 7How To Lock Unlock Cellphone Automatically - on Samsung Smartphone Price And FeaturesWhy can't my PIN be unlocked automatically? While you’re there you MUST see the beautiful baby shower that Jamielyn threw for her friend!

Thank you so much for offering them, they'll be perfect for my SIL's shower this weekend. Just want to let you know that the Nursery Rhyme Guessing Game answer key is in the wrong order. After they write their word list, then you give them the bottom half, and they fill the words into the story.
I was able to download the ones off your page but I can't get the I heart Naptime page to open up so I can get the rest of the printables.
I was really hoping to get the printable for the baby shower bingo and baby price is right. I was struggling for game ideas and these are so cute and I love that you made them printable for us. If you follow the link to I Heart Naptime there is a paragraph at the bottom labeled "Printable Baby Shower Games" that has several links. With a set in pink, a set in blue, and a set in neutral yellow and green, I’ve got you covered!

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