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Games like dirty diapers, dress a doll and the clothespin game are especially funny and wow your guests.
Below we have written a quick summary of each of the baby shower games we have at Baby Shower Games, Gifts and Ideas. If we add any more games to the site (which we will!), we will be sure to update this page so that we will always have the most updated and comprehensive list of baby shower games we possibly can. If you click on the Baby Shower Games, Gifts and Ideas logo above, it will bring you right back to our welcome page – this one. If you find this site or any page within the site to be useful for you, all we ask that you please share it using one of the buttons to below. What’s for Dinner Baby Shower Game – This game is totally fun and easy to play! No matter what kind of shower you are hosting, you can find fun and affordable baby shower games, gifts and ideas all right here.
Please feel free to post a comment if you have a fun idea or game you want to share, or you can email me and I’ll be sure to include it in one of our upcoming posts! Hosting a Baby Shower?Welcome to the ultimate Baby Shower website - for all your baby shower needs.
14 Printable Baby Shower Games (8 different games total): Baby Shower Bingo and Word Find, plus unique, one-of-a-kind games, like Baby Shower Sudoku. This MP3 soundtrack will put her baby to sleep faster & help her baby to sleep through the night. 4 Easy Ideas For Making Adorable Baby Shower Favor Boxes May 23, 16 04:51 PMDIY Baby Shower Favor Boxes With Pom Poms! Shake Rattle and Roll Baby Shower Theme Ideas May 23, 16 12:42 PMThe cutest Rattle Themed Baby Shower you have ever seen! So you’re hosting a baby shower party and already know that the new bundle of joy is a little girl. In the end, the hostess will measure the mommy’s belly and tape that main piece of yarn to a wall.

The first step is to gather up around 15 baby items such as a pink diapers, pink onesies, socks, booties, bibs, ointment, baby powder, wipes, pacifier, baby bottles, rattle, bonnets, etc.
These free baby shower party games & ideas are a LOT of fun and will help EVERYONE enjoy the baby shower! This free baby shower ABC's game card is all ready for you to print off as many copies as you need for all your guests.
There are a number of ideas for these baby shower games which range from simple to sweet and funny.
Here at Baby Shower Games, Gifts and Ideas, we know what it’s like to have no clue where to start. Once you choose a game (or games) you’d like to learn more about, click on the link for that particular game. Once you start browsing the site you’ll find so many great games, tips and ideas you never even knew about!
Your mother-to-be will enjoy her special day, and your guests will be impressed with your hosting abilities. Whether you're hosting a shower, going to a shower, or you are the mother-to-be, here you'll find everything you need for the perfect baby shower!
Other games include What's in Mommy's Purse, The Price is Right, Baby Race Name, Baby Word Scramble and Draw the Mommy. Until one afternoon, a strange breeze blew through the jungle trees, blowing her spots right off! A simple touch such as a pink, sugar-rimmed glass with a lemon slice can really pack a colorful punch!Loving the cute custom champagne labels too! Have guests write down their well wishes and baby advice and hang them on a mini tree or branch. If you’ve already picked out a girlie baby shower theme, then the next step is to organize the games that you will play.
Games like baby mad labs which is based on fill in the blanks about the mother and baby and then reading the stories loud, jelly babies, dress the baby and some guessing games like belly measure game, which is a simple game where everyone has to make a guess of how many centimeters the would-be-mother’s belly is, weight game, baby food game where guests are supposed to guess which baby food they are tasting being blindfolded. These baby shower games are fun for all the guests and people of any age group can take part in it.

This will bring up the individual page of instructions on how to play the baby shower game you clicked on. You’d be amazed at how many varieties of baby food there is, and how tricky it can be! Ginger goes in search of her spots, and what she finds on her journey is an amazing lesson for all. Take out all the baby items that you have collected in the diaper bag and display them on a tray or table. So plan for these games, enjoy the party as these fun games are going to make the moment memorable. As your favorite mom-to-be prepares for the anxiety provoking adventure of becoming a parent these funny baby shower games will hopefully be a fun relaxing event that helps take the load off her shoulders. The expectant mommy then will then choose the winners in the following categories: funniest, ugliest and cutest baby girl drawings. From there you just choose the directory from your computer where you saved the picture and click INSERT.
Each guest will receive a paper and pen and they should write down as many of the items that they can remember seeing.
The funny thing about this game is that each team member can only use one hand to change the baby’s clothes.
The first team of guests that changes the baby dolls’ clothes successfully wins the game. Have them fill in each space with a baby related item (or pregnancy related item) that starts with that letter. Winners can receive a large jar of cookies decorated in pink bows or other gifts that you previously separated.

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