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I was on Reddit today and saw someone’s post about their pug having found a baby squirrel on the grass in their yard today and thought it was adorable, so I wanted to share it here.
Are you sure it wasn't a baby squirrel that it was either carrying around or indeed eating? Baby squirrels are born naked and totally helpless — they don't even leave the nest for seven or eight weeks.
My father once saw a squirrel kill a rat by biting it on the neck like some kind of vampire. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems.
These squirrels range through the eastern half of the US (excepting Maine) in deciduous forest habitat. Typical diet in the wild consists of tree nuts such as hickory nuts, beech nuts and acorns.

The Southern Flying Squirrel's scientific Latin name Glaucomys volans translates literally into Flying Gray Mouse. The best that I could find said that it is possible they can be driven to eating other rodents if they were very hungry, and their wasn't much else. It was a roof rat, and it was climbing around in a tree (which puts it at a disadvantage to the much more agile squirrel). Their northern counterpart, which looks similar but is larger, may be present along the northern edges of the state.
I noticed that the large thing he had in his mouth, was actually a smallish rat (I could tell from the tail it wasn't a mouse, not to mention it was bigger than the average mouse around here). This was in the middle of a large city park, full of trees, and next to the city zoo, that presumably has lots of scraps to pick up for such animals. Along their sides they have a flap of skin running between the front and back legs on the right and on the left called a patagium that is used for gliding.

Their black eyes look large in proportion to their heads giving them a very cute, babyish appearance.
The material used for nesting often contains lichens which the squirrels eat, especially over winter.
Flying squirrels are nocturnal and therefore often go unseen by humans hosting them in their backyards.

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