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He said police were still investigating whether she had any a€?malicious intentionsa€™ before deciding on charges. That Awkward Moment Mariah Boyd, Opinion EditorMarch 18, 2014In this newest Romantic Comedy “That Awkward Moment” there are these three best friends who are all in their early twenties living in the big apple New York City. As the story line goes on and the humor gets thrown at you like an air bag you start to see where the movie is going and how predictable the story line is becoming.
It did its job as far as the romantic part of the movie it was well written by portraying the phobia’s that SOME males especially in their twenties seem to have when it comes to relationship and you can definitely can see that in this movie. The baby was stuck in an L-shaped portion of the sewage pipe with a diameter of about 10 centimeters (3 inches).
Jason (Zac Effron) and Daniel (Miles Teller) are really living there prime life with the long list of girlfriends, and no commitment to keep them down, who both works as a book cover designer. I noticed and could compare the movie too Sex and The City in a way, but more of a males modern Sex And The City.

Then there is Mikey who is also in his twenties but works at the hospital as a E.R doctor and who also has a wife or say he had a wife. I believe that people who has never experienced Samantha Jones at her finest when she’s being her boastful “women can do what men could do self” would disagree with me when I say this and would jump on the bandwagon of it being like “Bridget Jones Diary”.
Zac Effron was playing the Charming role that every girl just can’t resist but he also steps in and plays this Man whorish role that’s being played quit well. What I also observed was that the movie was only R-13 so for anyone who is 14 and older could see this movie.
You have Miles Teller playing his (and if you’re a Miles Teller Fan and seen a lot of his movies) normal out there type of friend who gets them in the situations that they tend to get into.
Jordan) coming over to Jason’s and Daniel’s apartment and eating ice cream because his wife had just broken up with them. Which I felt with all the amount of crude and raunchy humor that it had in the movie it should at least been R-18 and that’s just my own personal opinion.

Jordan who’s the calmer and laid back one of the group not really in much of the commotion as Zac and Miles just on a mission to get his wife back that’s pretty clear. The twist of the story is that as soon as they make this pack to always be single the guys starts to go around each other and end up in relationships that they tried to keep from each other. Jason meet a girl named Ellie( Imogen Poots) at the bar in the club they went too they’re first night out and from that day forward seem to become unpredictable from each other. But rather than a couple of scenes in the movie I didn’t find the movie to be all that funny.

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