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Many parents potty train their little ones before a year old — and save a lot of money on diapers. Simply put, elimination communication (EC) means interpreting the verbal and physical cues your baby sends when she needs to urinate or defecate. It may be a particular facial expression, body movement or sound that clues you in to her need to eliminate. Researchers in Sweden followed 47 infants and mothers in Vietnam, where potty training begins at birth, and diapers are usually eliminated by nine months of age.
October 26th morning, Foshan city Nanhai district Red Cross Society Hospital, Liu Dongmei gave birth to a baby under the help of two nurses. How [a dead baby] is to be handled is still the parents’ matter, what standing did the doctor and nurses have to discard it as garbage, what right did they have?!!! Foshan city Nanhai district Red Cross hospital… Just looking at this name I know they’re capable of doing this kind of thing! Yesterday afternoon, the Medical Affairs Bureau Director and Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department Director Huang Lichuan told this reporter that the hospital is currently in discussions with the family, that there hasn’t been a final result, and that the hospital is still investigating the details. Director Huang says that according to the records of the doctor in charge, the baby did not have a heartbeat after it was born, was not breathing, nor did it cry. Trafficking in placentas for the production of health products is the day-to-day business of hospitals and baby traffickers. Doctors are supposed to be angels that save and help people, but now they’ve become murdering devils. There is cause to suspect [the hospital staff] using their power to sell babies, first being how can a [pregnancy] delivery nurse not know how to tell if a baby is a boy or a girl? Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers. If it wasn’t for all the disgusted comments from Chinese in the article then I would assume that Chinese people had no hope of moral redemption. I live in Boston with very high-quality Medical Hospitals, Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals.
Also a massive pharmaceutical and medical instrumentation industry in Boston…guess who? The ones i met have been educated in on the Mainland in Chinese Medical Schools, then passed the boards in the USA…in English, not hard to do.
This was a great link, although I started to sweat and want to put on a white shirt and tie when the first thing to appear was the logo of my alma mater. I know that sounds crazy, but some of these bizarre beliefs still persist in certain circles.

Also when we here about a baby being discarded in usa it’s mostly a lower to middle class family. Also happens at very upscale places in the USA, one time it was a high-end high school prom. I would blame it on a lack of sex education, kids in the US are less apt to use condoms than their counterparts in the Netherlands for example.
Being sexually active, is not pushed under the carpet in the Netherlands, whereas in there US there is still a very puritanical attitude about sex and sex-education causing a dearth of dialogue between kids and parents.
It is already hard to comprehend how a hosp.tal, can mistake a live baby for dead come on seriously, Maybe the doctor has some sort of supernatural powers in which he could just tell if some one is alive. You compare China’s doctors with other countries doctors, In China there is so much corruption and evil in the medical system you could turn blue listening to true stories! One can only hope the child lives, is put up for adoption, and gets the opportunity to emigrate while his parents sit here in poverty. With a son in college and a daughter in high school, she always has something to write about.
From that very first disposable in the hospital nursery to the last one before underwear, you will change a lot of diapers. Many American moms have become enthusiastic about elimination communication, and feel it’s the only way to go.
Similar to the way we begin to interpret signals that our baby is hungry or tired, EC simply means paying attention to your baby and reading her elimination cues. You then take your baby to the designated potty place, which may be a small potty seat, an insert over the regular toilet seat, a small container or even a sink.
Mothers learn the cues their babies give when they need to urinate, and communicate with them using a special whistling sound.
Like so many parenting choices, this is a choice you need to make based on your family’s personal situation. Relatives that arrived afterward noticed that the infant was still moving, and that it was a baby boy. The nurses told the family that it was a baby girl, was already dead when born, and had placed the infant into a plastic bag discarded in the bathroom. She hopes that through legal forensic determination and third-party investigation to determine whether or not the hospital has any responsibility or how much responsibility the hospital must bear.
Recommendation?: That the public security bureau enter the investigation and perhaps they can solve a case. For Doctors that treat life with such contempt like this, the lives of the rabble are worthless!

If she doesn’t know if it is a boy or a girl, why then tell the birth mother that it was a girl, and then say the baby died? People in such situations generally don’t know what to do and will rely on experts to advice them. Some under-educated, poor, lowly unfit for motherhood female has a baby and discards…vs…qualified doctors and nurses (MEDICARE PROFESSIONALS) misreading the babies LIFESIGNS and GENDER? DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. The study concluded that these Vietnamese babies emptied their bladders more effectively, making urinary tract infections less likely. He would squirm, grunt and kick his legs before a poop and would pop on and off while nursing before he peed,” she shares. Eventually all children are potty trained — we just choose different ways to get there. Afterward, the hospital’s relevant officials admitted that the doctor involved did not use any instruments to determine [gender and vitals], and had only made a judgement in accordance with his experience. A bunch of beasts wearing white coats have tarnished the good name of angels in white [nurses]. This is small shit compared to other atrocities that go unreported because of how people are raised to be scared of everything. Gimme a break… no way you are that __________ that you think there is any parallel here.
Babies in China, India, Europe and Latin America are generally potty trained much earlier than American babies.
This period [is] often referred to as a potty strike and tends to be very common,” she shares on her blog. That day, after the family discovered that the baby was still alive, they filmed a video showing the nurse running into the bathroom to clean the baby’s forehead and carry it out for treatment. Strongly support the baby’s parents demanding a thorough investigation of this matter.
Thank god our education encourages us to question authority and that we have the right to bear arms! If our governments had their way we would all be this scared and have to live like animals.

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