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The first thing to remember is quarantine - whenever you get another chinchilla, it must be kept in a separate cage, in a separate room, away from your first or other chins for at least 30 days. IF YOU EVER SEE YOUR CHINCHILLA BEHAVING STRANGELY, ACTING LETHARGIC, NOT EATING OR POOPING, ETC, THE FIRST STEP IS AN IMMEDIATE VET VISIT.Chinchillas are small fragile animals who HIDE SIGNS OF ILLNESS. Color classification: Without S-bend white + water tank with S-bend white + water tank without S-bend radiant + water tank with S-bend radiant + water tank without S-bend white S-bend white belt with S-bend radiant with S-bend radiant color without an S-shaped note color color without an S-shaped + cartoon water color with S-shaped + cartoon water tank without consulting shoot Xiazhe invalid engineering wholesale long-term cooperation with S-shaped note color color! If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
A good way to know when there is trouble brewing is by weighing your chinchilla, at least once a month. By the time you are SEEING any changes in behavior, the problem has progressed to a critical level. Chins younger than 6 months should be weighed weekly.Suitable scales can be found in many places - Bed Bath & Beyond, Office Depot or even Walmart!
In most cases, an immediate vet visit is the only way to save the life of the chinchilla.Before you have any medical emergencies, find a good exotic vet near you. Buy a digital kitchen scale or postal scale that reads in grams as well as ounces.Tempt your chinchilla onto the scale by holding a treat just above it, or let them use it as a small stepping stool into the dust bin.
If you have the type of kitchen scale shown here, you can put a treat or a bit of dust to tempt them into the bowl section.
Just put them in their new cage with pellets, hay, water and chew toys, and let them alone for a while.
Then, place the cages next each other but not close enough for them to be able to hurt each other through the bars.

None of these items are to be used in place of a vet visit or prescribed medicines from your vet.Acidophilus - can be found in the vitamin section of a health food store or Walmart.
Chinchillas younger than 3 years old should gain steadily each month, at least a few grams. When they start sleeping on the ledges that are closest to each other, it's a sign that they are trying to befriend each other, and you can start letting them meet at playtime. Sprinkle the contents of a capsule on food pellets or a treat item once or twice a week to maintain digestive health. Use it daily during a food switch to help avoid upset stomachs.Bag Balm - used to help treat dry scaly feet or ears.
Change his food and water daily, but don't try to grab him or pull him out of the cage.(Chinchillas coming from a pet store environment or a rescue environment may have been conditioned to be terrified of human contact. Depending on body type, a healthy chin can weigh anywhere between 500g - 1000g, which is a big difference in size. You will get to know your chins average weight by weighing monthly and keeping a written record.Purchase a small notebook to make a weight chart, and carefully record the weight in GRAMS, not ounces, along with the date.
Give these chins extra time to themselves to settle in before you try to bond with them.)When you change food and water, allow your new pet to smell your hand a little, and maybe offer him a nice chew stick. Record any changes in diet, or make a note of a stressful situation like introductions going on. You have to be willing to keep 2 separate cages and have 2 separate playtimes forever, and just hope for the best. Bloat (or gas) can be a deadly problem and definitely requires a vet visit.Critical Care - nutritional supplement (food replacement). Critical Care is available at most Vet offices or HERE.Syringe for Handfeeding - Should you need to handfeed Critical Care to your chin to keep it's weight up, a good syringe is a lifesaver.

You can get one at the vet's office or HERE.PROBIOTICS - If your chin is showing mild signs of digestional upset, or if he is on any mediction that might cause an upset, a good supplement to keep on hand is LIFELINE.
Remember that chinchillas WILL chew anything they can get their paws on, and cover or remove any nice wooden furniture.
This will give him a measure of safety, and as long as he can run back into his cage when scared, he will be that much more brave about exploring his new environment.
A few tries will be all he needs to master this clever idea.Sit down or lay on the floor and keep very still. Be SURE that the tub is dry and the toilet seat is down - chinchillas can NOT get wet, or they will get a fungus that is difficult to get rid of.If you need to transport your chinchilla to another room (such as a bathroom or hallway) for playtime, the easiest and least stressful way to do that is to use the dust bath container. Carefully cover the hole with your hand, and then pick up the whole dust house and carry it into the bathroom. Place a small handful of hay into the carrier and hold it up to the door of your chin's cage.
They are usually curious enough to climb inside.A good way to help a stressed out chinchilla relax is to offer them a dust bath. All chinchillas need to bathe in a special dust at least a few times a week to keep their coats clean. If you insist on using one, please use wire to anchor it to the sides of your cage to prevent your chinchilla from knocking it over and becoming trapped inside.

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