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Traditional toilet brushes never quite get everything under the rim and often splash water into your face. As reluctant as I am to buy plastic disposable stuff, this technological advancement in toilet cleaning warrants it. With some elbow grease, pretty much anything your toilet bowl can grow, this tool can scrub away.

Handle length and sponge design eliminate splashing and throwing away the business end of the wand is quite tidy.
I'm not afraid to clean the end of the wand before storing, thus funky bathroom brushes are a thing of the past. You don't have to worry about something that sits in a toilet then sits in a bucket next to the toilet then the toilet and repeat. It is sleek for being plastic, nice white color, nice design, easy to use button that attaches the cleaning head and detaches it as well so you don't have to touch it at either time.
I have some light rings at the water line which the cleaners don't get out, but I am not too surprised.
The shape and size of the cleaning head in relation to the thin long handle allow for you to get into the toilet as well as under the rim well enough. When you buy a bottle of toilet cleaner you can get a lot more out of it than these single dose tablets or drops or whatever.

Also the smell is very very VERY strong (like any industrial bathroom cleaner) and the heads need to be kept in the plastic bag and the bag needs to be scruched closed a bit, other than that it isn't too bad.
I did find I had to just pick the plastic bag holding the heads up out of the main container out to eye level to see where the knob on the cleaner head was in order to snap the handle on to it and not graaaaaaacefully stick the handle into the main container and pull it out ready to go.
There are enough suds to clean two toilets, then wisk it away into the trash -- no messy, drippy, yuckkey brush in a holder.

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