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It means a lot to my kids when I volunteer in their classrooms, and as a former teacher myself, I know it’s a great help to have extra adults coming in to help. I do really enjoy being back in the midst of the chaos, but I have a sneaky ulterior motive for signing up to be room mom two years in a row.
I figure if the kids are already getting approximately 24 sugar fests in a school year (birthdays) + 5-10 more for classroom rewards and random celebrations, the least I can do is show how much fun healthy food can be for the 4 classroom parties.
I’m heading into my fifth classroom party this month, all with great games and little to no refined sugar involved. One really cool additional benefit of these cute food art examples is that you might get kids to try some foods that are new to them if you present it really positively and encourage them to taste everything.
I only had frozen strawberries that I had flash frozen separately on a cookie sheet, so that worked, but fresh would look better.
The party pooper note of the year, but important nonetheless: A reader reminded me that food safety includes gloves and hair nets for food preparation. I firmly believe that kids don’t need juice, and water is really the only drink that needs to be served at a party. I used a few fresh cranberries and some parsley or thyme in the photos above, going for aesthetics only.
If you make one of the food art examples above and then plunk a cupcake, a handful of pretzels, one piece of candy, some cheese and a juice box down in front of the kids, guess what won’t get touched? Popcorn is always a hit, can be made with real fats like coconut oil and organic popcorn, and still be very inexpensive and not time consuming for you. All of the above are nut-free and gluten-free (note: tahini in hummus contains sesame seeds), and you could choose dairy-free options depending on the needs of the class.

Kids of all ages have a blast throwing things where they’re never allowed to be rowdy, like in a classroom. But I recommend adding one piece of masking tape all the way around so your creation holds together under kid power. Somehow I didn’t capture an action shot of the actual popping motion, but here’s one of my son waiting for his to come back down – so you can see they get some pretty good distance! Thanks to Real Simple for the inspiration, although they used marshmallows – after feeling terrified for an hour that someone would step on a marshmallow and ruin the carpet or that the poor teacher would find ants feasting on a marshmallow behind a bookcase come spring, I realized that the poof balls we used to test out the game at home would have been a much less sticky option, and therefore quite preferable! Thus far I’ve received only positive feedback from parents and zero complaints from the kids, who all have had loads of fun. The bananas stood up just fine, even when I moved the plate around the room trying to catch the last rays of winter sunlight for a photo (I failed). They still float, but they’re flat across the surface of the water so nothing actually sticks out of the ice cube. You could even string it together with thin thread to make a traditional sort of garland that the kids could eat. When one whole roll of (cheap!) toilet paper is gone, they put faces and buttons on their snowman and raise their hands to see if they won! I recommend having all of them ready before the party – they’re way too tricky for small hands to make on their own.
Individual challenge: Each person tries to pop the poof ball straight up and catch it in their own cup as many times in a row as they can without a miss.
Do the activity in rotating stations or centers with the food art and another craft so you don’t have to make so many.

Cut off less than you think since you can always make the hole bigger but can’t go backwards. Two kids pair up, starting close together, and try to pop the poof ball into the other person’s cup. Choose a target – either a bullseye drawn on the board, a few cups standing on a desk, or a couple paper plates taped to the wall. Cortar longitudinalmente el tubo de papel higienico para crear una forma de manguito con una abertura flexible. After some practice, kids can pop their poof balls at the targets and earn points for direct hits. Si haces la pulsera de Superman, cortar el rollo de papel higienico en dos mitades iguales. Winner has the most points after a certain period of time or certain number of pops (decided beforehand). Anyone who drops is out; anyone who completes a toss takes a step backward for round two, and so on. Imprime los detalles en papel y pega y pegamento alrededor del tubo carton, dobla los extremos y pega en su lugar.

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