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From the bestselling Baby Whisperer franchise comes a concise and detailed guide to potty training your toddler—available exclusively as an ebook from Atria Books. That’s a simple enough request, my new mom-brain thought, as I struggled to get myself ready to leave the house, a week postpartum. My husband took to the idea of cloth diapering fairly quickly, especially after I threw around a few numbers of how much money it would save. GroVia does make their diapers in China, but they are made according to US standards, they are made ethically with proper work conditions, and are frequently checking in to make sure all regulations are being met. For any mom considering cloth diapering, I really recommend looking into this brand & type of diaper. We are almost five months into this Cloth Diapering thing and I have to nod my head enthusiastically in agreement regarding Grovia’s hook and loop.
The first few weeks or months when you are researching cloth diapers you were probably pretty overwhelmed.

You’re up late at night while feeding your infant and you find yourself looking at new diapers. You start leaving the house with that fluffy diapered bum proudly peeking from under the tshirt! To help feed your addiction, Thirsties has just released 2 brand new diapers into their collection. I decided we would cloth as close to full time as we could when I was around 7 months pregnant, and buckled down and did a lot of research.
These diapers being made in China means you get a high quality diaper that is a more middle of the road price. We’re always looking for creative writers who would like to share their cloth diapering tips.
Re-using the shell saves on laundry (bonus), and the soakers are smaller than a prefold (although I hear GroVia makes some great prefolds) so the laundry bag doesn’t fill up as quick.

I think every mom should have a few GroVia shells and soakers for leaving the house and running errands for a few hours, or for that fool-proof diaper for dad to put on. You see, with all my pre-baby research, I decided we would do snaps based on what others had said about the hook and loop wearing out, sticking to other things in the wash, filling with fuzz, etc. We prefer the hook and loop, because GroVia’s hook and loop is something legends are made of. To top it off, there are hundreds of thousands of opinions and voices online and you just don’t know which one to listen to. I could also get a customized fit on the baby, which can sometimes look goofy when doing that with the snaps.

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