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Baby yoga and massge classes with YogaBubs are the perfect way to bond with your baby.  Gently encouraging movement and natural development, these classes are just wonderful for you and your baby for all kinds of developmental reasons, but fundamentally just finding an hour for you and little one to take time to indulge in each other is time deliciously well spent!
This 6 week run of YogaBubs classes is now available to purchase here, via our on-line shop, at a number of locations in and around Norwich. Please ensure that you have checked the dates and times for the next set of classes that are coming up at each location, before making your location selection. NewsletterGet lots of massage, nutrition, yoga and baby goodness delivered straight from the Orange Grove Clininc to your inbox! Sign up to our newsletter for special offers, essential tips and more little acts of kindness! Plus, to say thanks for signing up, we'll give you 25% off your first massage with our talented Massage Angels. Fast forward to February 2010, when my daughter Leora was old enough to attend the class (they suggest the baby be 8 weeks old). The classes are held at both the Astoria and Long Island City locations of The Yoga Room.
Waitrose, (short walk through Queen’s walk, turn left down London road, cross the road towards the alley way between EE and O2 Shop). Yoga Classes in Dubai for Beginners and Advanced – Yoga Retreats in Middle East, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and India KARIM!!! Led by certified Alliance Hatha Yoga instructors Livia Anzaldo, Yoga classes for Mums & Babies are the perfect activity to keep you stretched physically and mentally, but also bond with your babies.

Lack of physical exercise for a baby will have the same effects as for an adult – poor digestion, emotional agitation, poor circulation and laziness.
The emphasis is on strengthening the pelvic floor, the abdomen, legs and back as well as on opening and relaxing tensions in the shoulders, neck and arms.
The method of Yoga used is Hatha based and involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures – a process producing intense internal heat and detoxifying muscles and organs.
They also focus on yoga postures for mothers specifically designed for the postnatal months by helping your body regain strength and tone in a safe and effective way.
Livia is a qualified Hatha yoga teacher with a strong passion for inspiring and influencing people to live a more fulfilling life. We walked into the spacious yoga room where mats and blankets were laid out in a circle, and a collection of toys and books was in the middle.
Everyone introduces themselves and their babies, and briefly brings up any issues they might be having. This class incorporates imaginative play and lots of movement to keep the babies engaged.
Individual classes are $25, and a 10 class card is $200 (good for a year) For more information, check out their website. The yoga taught in these classes is gentle and slow, giving you time to integrate the experiences of your body after birth. As a practitioner and teacher for over eight years, a strong desire to explore new cultures, Livia leads groups of adventurers and yogis while teaching the philosophy of good living and most importantly, having fun.

The classes are open to mums of all level of fitness and babies from 1 months onward to 12 months. Yoga for moms is pretty much over, but we get a good workout acting out a lot of the songs and running around the room pretending to be birds, airplanes, etc. She reminded the mothers many times that anything goes in her class: nursing, feeding, sleeping, crying (mommies and babies), etc. Monet, who has taken over the class for Jess, is also wonderful with the kids, and sometimes her son joins us with her husband. Obviously 2 month olds aren’t doing downward-facing-dog or tree pose, but their mothers guide them through stretches and movements to aid in digestion, and to help improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
Which reminds me, just because it has mommy in the title, dads, grandparents, and caregivers are also more than welcome.
Leora was a bit fussy during that first class, and I worried that my mommy-baby yoga dreams would be shattered, but the following weeks got better.

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