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We have regular weekly workshops, sometimes up to 3 each weekend and courses that run throughout the year!
Welcome to a totally unique yoga studio in East London, where we are dedicated to all things bumps and babies! Also, the natural tendency during labour is to find a dark place to retreat to, which is not always possible in a hospital environment however, yoga helps you to take yourself into a safe place internally, focusing on breath and using visualisation.  This is why we recommend that you come to Pregnancy classes, so you are equipped with the natural tools you have to birth your baby! You are welcome to join any of the Pregnancy Classes from 12 weeks, before then REST, BREATHE, PUT YOUR FEET UP as you are creating a life and growing an extra organ (the placenta) during this time so you want to take it easy!
New mums are welcome to join Mum & Baby Yoga and the Baby Massage classes as and when, we will never turn you away, not even if you rock up in your pjs! Come and enjoy a beautiful practice which carries you through your pregnancy from 12 weeks to term and beyond, helping to ease any niggles, prepare you for labour with strength, stamina, breath and relaxation and helps to heal and restore postnatally!
This is a one off workshop for Dads and Babies to enjoy and learn together some amazing techniques through touch as recommended on DAD BLOG UK  “Baby Elizabeth often laughs when she is massaged and there’s no doubt she enjoys herself. The benefits of baby massage: Parents who come on my courses learn so much more than just a massage routine. Childrens Yoga My First BuddhaHandmade by Buddhists Buy Today   Sam, I would and have recommended your classes to all my mummy friends Corban loves baby yoga, hence why we are starting our 4th set of classes. Mother and baby postnatal classes are a great way to meet and share with other mums in the local area. Taught by Kasia Koszut, the focus of this gentle yet effective post-natal yoga class is to re-tone your body after pregnancy and help reduce tension and strain to your wrists, arms, shoulders, chest and lower back.

Through a series of stretches, movements and yoga sequences you and your baby will experience the pleasure of touch, movement and rhythm, as well as the benefits of deep relaxation.
Yoga with babies offers many benefits and helps their transition from reflex movement to conscious behaviour.
As with all our classes, baby yoga is shared at the baby’s pace, nothing is forced and we always work within their range of movement and ability or readiness for a sequence. If no courses are showing in the timetable below, please scroll forward through the calendar to find the next start date. Special thanks to Keri Duckett, Adam Jay, Mae Burke, Jo Rodgers and Nicola Gwyther for their wonderful talent and spectacular photographs.
Here we will take you through your pregnancy to your child becoming a toddler with yoga from your 2nd trimester to postnatal recovery, including Birth Preparation, Hypnobirthing, Baby Massage, as well as a wonderful selection of therapies and a lot of fun on the way!
A great place to meet other mums, have fun with your bumps and babies, share your journey and indulge in some you time all finished off with a deep relaxation and biscuits! The comprehensive IAIM baby massage curriculum covers touch, movement, relaxation, interaction and communication. Emma and Happy Baby Corban (started classes at 11 weeks) Hiya sam, Just a quick line to say how fabulous your classes are.
The class is designed to include your baby in a playful way to stimulate development and health, and includes gentle massage, interactive play and a sing-along. For mums, it’s recommended waiting six weeks after a natural birth and eight weeks after a caesarean.

The mood is fun, friendly and relaxed, and of course you can feed, change and cuddle your baby at any time. The movements and massage also aid digestion and give relief to babies suffering with colic or reflux. Not only has she made new little friends, I have too which I hope to stay in touch with as our little yogis grow up. Jodie and Happy Baby Lexi (started at 7 months) We started Happy Baby Yoga classes very early and the classes definitely lived up to their name!
Not only did my baby enjoy the interaction at class but it helped us to relieve a bad case of colic and also stimulated her development in areas such as crawling.
Thanks Sam Katy and Happy Baby Matilda (started at 10 weeks) Thank you for today's Yoga Tot class Sam, Isabella had a great time! Lyndsey and Happy Tot Isabella (started at 2 years) Your classes gave myself and Isabelle a great time to bond and interact.
Isabelle loved your classes and enjoyed carrying out the yoga moves at home x with a relaxed atmosphere and instructor the classes were well laid out, well timed with new moves added in and classes adapted well to each babies needs.

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