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Birthlight trained teachers at Baby Yoga Level 2 and SMART teachers have priority for booking but we also welcome baby yoga teachers and therapists who have trained with reputable course providers in the UK or in other countries. The aim of this Level 3 is to deepen the knowledge of Baby Yoga teachers about the integrated use of all senses (synaesthesia) in parent-infant interaction from birth and to provide practical resources for teaching Baby Yoga the birthlight way. This study day contributes to CPD for all Birthlight trained teachers and may count as CPD for other professionals attending the day. We provide expert Baby Massage and Baby Yoga training in-house for Childcare professionals, Chrildren’s Centre & Acton for Chilren Staff.
We have over 13 years experience working with parents, babies and students in the field of baby massage and yoga and have trained staff at children centres, for action for children, health visitors and midwives across the UK and the world. Our courses are accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, the Federation of Holistic Therapists, the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and Westminster Indemnity Insurance. All our courses come with online access to videos which help to support our students understanding of material covered on the course and helps to provide after course care and support. Gayle also worked at a Sure Start Centre in Colchester, Essex for three years teaching baby massage and baby yoga to local famillies and she clearly understands the importance of meeting the diverse range of client needs within Children’s Centre settings.
Blossom & Berry training is designed to promote not only the practical and emotional benefits of baby massage and yoga for babies and parents but to emphasise the importance of supporting the emotional and social development of infants and children through positive touch and positive parental interaction. Student TestimonialsI was a bit over welmed by all the training companies offering baby massage but choosing Blossom & Berry was the best decision. PI was unsure where to train but after speaking with you on the phone, I decided that Blossom & Berry is for me. Childways is thrilled to announce that we will now be co-ordinating Baby Yoga trainings from Birthlight.
Baby Yoga can be a natural progression for practioners having completed their baby massage training. Like all Birthlight courses, the course is a blend of theory, practice and teaching methods with the aim of imparting practical proficiency and confidence to students over a relatively short time. The special focus of this course is on pre-mobile babies 3-12 months and the dynamics of parent baby pairs.
The course offers a wide range of resources for creating flexible lesson plans and offering classes that are both professional and enjoyable.

On completion of the course, participants receive a Certificate of Training that entitles them to teach towards their case studies as probational teachers, valid for one year. Baby Yoga students are required to bring a weighted, life-size demonstration doll to the course.
This Baby Massage course (Instructors Course) is ideal for any practitioner who has prior kowledge in basic Anatomy & Physiology.
This course is also open to practising massage therapists as well as, Midwifes, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Sports Science practitioners. Our hands on Baby Massage courses (Infant & Child Massage) offer accredited, certified Baby Massage training courses for those wishing to become Baby Massage Instructors. The London School of Massage is renowned as the UK’s definitive provider of infant massage training courses and as such our Baby Massage courses are accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapist. Our Baby Massage course qualification will allow practitioners to obtain full professional insurance on successful completion of this course.
This Baby Massage course will systematically guide the learner through the theory and practice of Baby Massage, providing time to practice a baby massage routine as well as provide training on how to teach and conduct your own classes in Baby Massage, individually and in groups. It is also open to practising massage therapists as well as Midwifes, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Sports Science practitioners. This Baby Massage course (Infant & Child Massage course) is taught as a fast track and intensive program. The CThA are the leading professional association representing sports, spa and complementary therapists in the UK and Ireland. The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) is the largest and leading professional association for therapists in the UK and Ireland.
IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) is a peak professional body for the natural health industry.
There is no requirement to use Blossom & Berry materials or products although these are provided to you as examples to enable your centre to formulate your own materials if you wish to. Training your staff in house is also a cost effective way to manage your training budget as significant savings can be made on travel, accommodation and covering staff rotas. This is achieved through interactive discussions and the creation of an informal, warm and friendly group environment.

Gayle was also lucky enough to work with teenage parents in a small group setting to help support mothers and fathers at a vulnerable time. Blossom & Berry baby massage and baby yoga training courses also help to boost parental confidence and aid the adjustment into the role of parent which can present challenges for some people.
We generally require three members of staff to train in house but we do try to be as flexible as possible.
There is no pressure on you whilst you study and you have been so supportive to me throughout. I was a little worried about learning baby massage by distance learning but your DVDs really do cover everything. It is open to all health practitioners working with babies and to yoga teachers interested in teaching mothers and babies together, with a focus on baby moves.
The course includes a clear presentation of the knowledge that baby yoga instructors need to have in order to teach parents safely and competently. Students are asked to complete a worksheet, 2 case studies (groups and 1-to-1) and observations as home study. On satisfactory completion of their course assignments, probational teachers gain the Certified Birthlight Baby Yoga Teacher qualification (Level 1). They are an essential for teaching baby yoga as part of teaching practice and once qualified.
Our training is very flexible and we can travel to you to train staff in house on baby massage and yoga. In house training can often be the most cost effective way to provide baby massage and yoga training for a number of staff.
The practices taught on the course are an expanded version of the pioneering set developed by Francoise Freedman, including ‘relaxed holds’, ‘swings, dips and lifts’, the 3 ‘hip sequences’, moves for strength and balance, moves for ‘tummy time’.

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