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YogaBirth is the only perinatal yoga training in the UK to be run over 18 months, comprising a 300 hour course on 9 weekends (or equivalent days). YogaBirth welcomes anyone who has a deep commitment to working with pregnant women and who can demonstrate a regular yoga practice of at least 12 months.
The course is focused on how yoga and childbirth education can be integrated for health and well-being through the different stages of pregnancy. Centre, the Birth Unit at St John & Elizabeth Hospital and has presented workshops throughout the UK.
Ruth has been following her passion supporting and empowering women on their motherhood journey for over 20 years.
Lola is a Childbirth Educator, Active Birth and YogaBirth teacher, Doula and Baby Massage teacher. Prenatal and Postnatal yoga, Birth Preparation, Massage for Pregnancy & Labour, Baby massage and Scaravelli style yoga. Our approach is influenced by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, and is the ideal yoga for pregnant women: gentle yet powerful, constantly working with the breath and with gravity, with natural movement and attention to the structure and state of the body. Each of the students also receives individual mentoring from an experienced YogaBirth teacher. Participants often include yoga teachers, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators and complementary therapists.
We will explore the principles of anatomy and physiology, safety issues, and the spirituality and emotional experience at this stage of a woman’s life cycle.
She qualified as an Active Birth Teacher with Janet Balaskas in 1997 and as a midwife in 2002.

Knowing nothing about birth or yoga, she ended up taking pregnancy yoga classes with Janet Balaskas and Lolly Stirk and had a wonderful Active Birth. She is a yoga teacher and YogaBirth teacher and facilitates Scaravelli inspired classes in the UK, Israel and the U.S. Lola has been around birthing women for over 20 years and knows that preparation for labour with yoga during pregnancy helps women birth their babies in a more peaceful, efficient way. Lola teaches Pregnancy Yoga in Enfield, where she lives, and also in Children’s Centre’s, prisons, private hospitals and the general community.
In 1988 she trained with Janet, Yvonne and Lolly to teach Active Birth and then completed a 2 year yoga training with John Stirk, Mary Stewart and Sophy Hoare. The total cost (including, weekends and all teaching materials) for the Foundation Year Certification is ?2,750. Moreover, our Teacher Training Course incorporates a comprehensive study of the physiology of pregnancy and birth, as well as physical and emotional preparation for childbirth.
Students additionally benefit from the annual YogaBirth Continuing Professional Development study days which are guaranteed to all members.
Mentoring and distance support between course weekends can be done via e-mail, phone or Skype. Through the processes of discussion, experiential work, assignments and yoga practice, students will learn to support and empower pregnant women on their path to motherhood. She also holds diplomas with the British Wheel of Yoga, Birthlight (Baby Yoga), is licensed to teach Yoga for the Special Child and HypnoBirthing.
She is a Module Tutor for the BWY Pregnancy Module and Postnatal Module, and co-ordinated the creation of Yoga Scotland guidelines for Yoga in Pregnancy.

This inspired her to train with the Active Birth Foundation to teach childbirth education & perinatal yoga. Ruth trained in Active Birth with Janet Balaskas, Lolly Stirk and Yvonne Moore in 1991 and founded The Motherwise Childbirth Centre in Israel (where she lived for 20 years) as a catalyst for change and choice for women in Israel. Lola believes that every woman has the potential to birth her baby with her own natural hormones.
Julie has a keen interest in complementary medicine, particularly where it is relevant to pregnancy and labour.
She was recently appointed as tutor for the Yoga Scotland Teacher Training Course in Edinburgh.
Jill has taught Yoga for Pregnancy, postnatal yoga and discussion groups for new mothers since 1996.
On successful completion of the course the YogaBirth Teachers Certificate will be awarded with entitlement to full membership of YogaBirth with its special insurance, CPD and other benefits. Observation and teaching experience are gained by sitting in on a minimum of 20 YogaBirth classes and students must attend a regular weekly yoga class with a Scaravelli inspired teacher (or equivalent in workshop time) and establish a daily practice. She holds Diploma’s in Remedial Massage, Source Breathwork and the Unicef Breastfeeding certificate.

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