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The BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer cause transitioning from diapers to bathroom habit much easier.
We're featuring shopping recommendations just for you!You'll find trending products our customers are excited about, and suggestions based on items you've recently viewed and purchased. Find Your School's Info Get the details on what your school provides, what's not allowed, and what you should bring. CollegeChecklist Shop With An Expert Make an appointment with one of our college experts to get campus ready. The BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer's ergonomically soft shape makes it both safe and comfortable.
Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer We bought this for our 4 year old daughter after she'd been toilet trained for a full year. Worth the extra money I originally purchased a different potty, but it didn't fit our toilet seat properly so exchanged it for this one because it was adjustable.
Great for toddler boy This fits nicely on the toilet and has a device underneath to lock it into place.
Steady seat The seat fits snugly on a standard toilet seat and doesn't wobble when my child is sitting on it.
Exactly what I was looking for I purchased this because the typical toddler toilet seats have a short inner lip barrier. I find this product to have met my needs My son uses this product to place on top of the real toilet seat, so he doesn't feel like he is going to fall in. It's okay Pros: super easy to put on and take off, fits my 33lb 3ft tall two year very well, he likes being on the big potty like daddy and mommy and with a lot of patience he is beginning to use it. I would buy this product again I like this toilet trainer because is helping me whith my son's potty trainet.
Great product I bought this toilet trainer to replace my weePOD basix because the weePOD is a softer plastic material that kept cracking on us. Great Toilet Trainer My daughter used the BabyBjorn Chair and loved it, but had started trying to get up on the big toilet so we decided to get this for a transition.
Much easier than emptying a potty This seat can fit onto any toilet and is easily adjustable.
The BEST BEST BEST I have tried different ones and nothing worked this one is a bit more expensive but it's worth every penny, I bought this one and it stays in place and its so comfortable and not to mention that it's great for my little boy, he loves it as much as I do he takes it potty training very seriously now unlike before it was a joke to him and he didn't like it.
Good but not perfect We bought a cheaper seat first, and had to go back and buy this one as the first seat was lousy. The things that could be improved are that the splash guard could have a top on it to further help, and the height of the ring that goes inside the toilet should be taller and therefore go deeper into the toilet. Great for elongated toilet bowls Bought this seat after we replaced our toilet with one that had an elongated bowl. Works very well I started potty training my twin boys and had a hand me down toilet trainer that slid around and was shaky on the toilet. Excellent Training Seat We've tried other potties and all of them seemed too small for my son. Great for Elongated Toilet Bowls This is the only seat that solidly fits our elongated toilet bowls. Definitely worth the money This seat is great - way better than the padded ones and although it costs more - its worth every penny. BABYBJORN Draagzak Synergy staat voor maximaal comfort en lichte luchtigheid in perfecte samenwerking. De draagzak kan door u makkelijk worden om- en afgedaan en alle afstellingen worden comfortabel op de voorkant gedaan. De draagzak heeft een ergonomische vormgeving en geeft de juiste steun voor hoofd, rug en heupen van uw kind, al vanaf de geboorte. De stoffen het dichtst bij het kind zijn getest en goedgekeurd conform Oko-Tex Standaard 100, klasse 1 voor babyproducten.
Als het kind ouder wordt en sterker in de nek, kan de hoofdsteun worden neergeklapt zodat het kind naar voren gedraaid kan worden gedragen en om zich heen kan kijken.
She had a impressible post dunny ring superior but kept gain infections that there was no dabble guard to keep her legs independently whilst urinating.
It permit your offspring to feel comfortable, fix and safe while the ergonomic show support your child incubate exactly. Anti-microbial to keep your bathroom a little cleaner and a sturdy design to make potty training a little safer. The potty chair is sturdy and rests firmly on the floor, and the high backrest and round, ergonomic lines make sitting as comfortable as can be, even for longer periods of time. This kid-sized toilet seat attaches securely to your full-sized version, with a soft rubber edge underneath plus wings that adjust to hold the trainer in place. This is the first toilet trainer that can be easily adjusted to any toilet seat thanks to a multi-adjustable fitting device. She had a soft seat toilet ring prior but kept getting infections because there was no splash guard to keep her legs apart whilst urinating. I have two different styles of toilets and this seat has a simple adjustment to fit either. The design seemed better (more like the ones we used with our kids) and, honestly chose it because it seems like it will take a more thorough cleaning.

Anytime he would pee, it would spray out from under the original toilet seat and the toilet itself. Unfortunately the seat doesnt fit because there's a raised piece at the back of my toilet seat that prohibits the seat to fit securely. I love this potty seat its comfortable for your little one and has a nice splash guard its worth the money! After trying to use another seat for a few weeks with my son we got this one based on reviews and we were not disappointed.
I purchased 2 of these and have used them for 2 weeks now and they have worked very well while potty training my 3yr old Twins. Everything thing is great about this potty; it fits perfectly on the seat, easy to clean and store, and it the right shape to fit your child. Adjustable dial adapts to all types of toilet seats; adjusts easily and sits firmly in place. Hij is gemaakt van een geavanceerd 3D-net dat ademt en extra is uitgerust met een comfortabele steun voor de lendenen, die ontlast en stabiliteit geeft.
Net als al onze draagzakken is hij ontwikkeld in samenwerking met medische deskundigen om optimaal te zijn voor uw pasgeboren kind.
Aan de binnenkant van de draagzak bevindt zich een extra zacht net dat behaaglijk aanvoelt tegen de huid van uw kind terwijl het zich heerlijk vormt naar het lichaam van het kind. De ruggensteun en de brede schouderbanden werken samen en geven een hoog draagcomfort met goede ontlasting. De hoofdsteun is afstelbaar en kan worden neergeklapt, zodat uw kind naar voren gedraaid kan worden gedragen als zij of hij wat ouder is en het hoofd zelf overeind kan houden. Ze zijn gegarandeerd ongevaarlijk voor de gevoelige huid van het kind en kunnen geen allergieen veroorzaken. This big baby potty drilling seat features an adjustable mechanism to custom suitable the station to your dressing along with a skidpan-test bottom for extra immovability.
Once attached, small children will be more comfortable-and feel more secure-on the soft, wide seat.
She's been using her new Baby Bjorn ring for a month now and says it's very comfortable and likes it more than her old soft ring. The adjustment lever underneath makes it fit securely on toilet seat so doesn't wobble around. Also pee would get accumulate in the seem of the potty seat making it gross when removing it off the toilet to store.
I think its due to the fact that this seat doesn't sit up high enough like his weepod basix which I love.
After months of trying to train my son using a different seat, I finally gave in and bought this one.
My 2 toddlers can now get on the potty safely and easily with out the potty seat moving all over. I bought the potty hook as well so with the built in loop it is very convenient and easy to store along side the toilet. The splash guard at the front is tall enough to prevent splashes when my little boy sits down (does not prevent puposeful mishaps though!!) It is easy to clean (i swipe it with a cheap baby wipe after each use) and we've not had any problem using bathrooms while out because they are not frightened of the big toilet.
We have a more oval toilet seat and it's been difficult finding a trainer that fits tightly without sliding around. Hes a big boy, off the charts for both his height and weight lol and it seems like all the potty seats I find are too small. The supercilious splodge guard maintain her from closing her legs and makes a steady water extend (infections have gone away, too!). Easy to complete while the interior declivitous splodge-convoy helps stop deface exterior the dunny. The bottom of the stool features strong, firmly-attached rubber feet that ensure the stool won't slide on the floor while someone is standing on it. We suggest however, that you ALWAYS ASSIST YOUR CHILD when he or she needs to go to the bathroom. The high splash guard keeps her from closing her legs and makes a steady urine stream (infections have gone away, too!).
The only other thing that I might want is a way to stand it up on the floor when I am not using it, but I plan to just get a hook for the side of the toilet so that I can hopefully hang it there by the seat handle when not in use. It's light enough for him to lift on and off the toilet, so he gets really excited when it's potty time. I purchased the Bjorn toilet seat because it cleanly channeled the pee down into the toilet and it sits flush on the toilet seat without sliding around and does not accumulate unwanted fluids. I initially bought this because it is so easy to clean and I needed an extra seat to take to his grandma's. Although its a little more expensive than some of the other potty seats it is worth the money!
I tried this one and its PERFECT, hes not uncomfortable sitting on it, its sturdy, and its great for boys to keep pee from going everywhere.
He is not overweight but solid and has thick thighs that do not fit well on the seat anymore. This ring is a alone piece so there’s no cracks for urine to congregate, dissimilar with her old soft circle that was unchangingly exigency cleaned between the moldable and covert pieces.

This love dunnylanista includes a practical wield for removal and tankage when not in employment. The top of the stool also features a non-slip rubber surface that provides traction for children to stand safely and confidently. A unique feature for the BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer is the curved and slanted splashguard that helps prevent splashes. This ring is a single piece so there's no cracks for urine to collect, unlike with her old soft ring that was constantly needing cleaned between the plastic and cushion pieces.
They moved and did not give my son a secure place to sit and feel comfortable using the potty on.
I also LOVE how the seat adjusts to the size of the toilet, you can tighten it down so that your toddler feels secure. As soon as we brought the seat home my son sat on it with no problems and has been using it ever since. This resound is pricier than other character arena, but I long we’d have gotten this one first! Made of durable, PVC-free, BPA-free recyclable plastic, this sturdy step holds up for long-term use. The BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer is very easy to keep clean and the built-in handle makes it easy to hang up when not in use.Since it was founded in 1961, BabyBjorn has considered child safety a top priority.
This ring is pricier than other character rings, but I wish we'd have gotten this one first! You have to purchase that separately and with the price of the seat being so high, it's hard to shell out the extra money for the step stool, when most potties include it.
The nice high front catches urine for boys who are just learning to poop and can't control both happening at once or who are learning to pee sitting down.
Simple useful design with a loop on the end so you could hang it on the wall when not in use. It is super comfy for him and has an excellent splash guard, which is a huge bonus for little boys!! BabyBjorn is committed to having its products checked by independent test institutes and all plastic products are PVC, Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates free. Our love of people especially helping first time parents, has been the highlight of our work. Customers who have tackle a recalled detail will be publish by email or by letter sent to the address assumed at the time of purchase. BabyBjorn does not use chemical additives such as cadmium, lead, bromine or chlorine in any of its products and all plastics are recyclable.All materials used in BabyBjorn products have been thoroughly tested and all materials that come into contact with food are food-safety approved.
If Baby sucks on a baby carrier or falls sleeps in a Travel Crib, you can feel confident knowing that all BabyBjorn products have been thoroughly tested and approved.Legal Statements: Caution!
Since a toilet is never bright pink or green or "fun" this one makes sense to a lot of kids with sensory issues.
Ideally we use a separate portable travel potty for everyday on the go use, however, for overnights at Grandparents this seat is small enough and portable enough to place in a grocery type bag to bring along.
Use it to give children that little boost they need for reaching items around the house, or keep it in the bathroom, so they can feel independent washing their hands and using the toilet on their own.The Safe Step is an ideal match for the BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer.
I, too, did that and they are sending me a new one!) So, I have not been able to use this one, but am keeping one so that hopefully my son will later use it after all the other weePODs break.
Cleans Easily And Comes In Fun Colors Like all BabyBjorn products, the Safe Step is a winner when it comes to style. I also read some reviews on other hard plastic ones, like the Arm & Hammer one and it got good reviews. The stool comes in vibrant colors, including Red, Blue, White, Gray, Green, Yellow, and Turquoise. I may decide to return this one later and try the Arm & Hammer one since it is more than half the price of this one. Thanks to its playful, modern appearance, the step is fun for your child and won't interfere with your home decor. And with its smooth, rounded features that repel dirt, the step is extremely easy to clean with a simple hot water rinse. About BabyBjorn: Quality, Safety, And Style A family owned company headquartered in Sweden, BabyBjorn has been producing innovative childcare products since 1961.
Today, BabyBjorn works with an international network of pediatricians to develop products that reflect its core philosophy of quality, safety, and style. BabyBjorn ensures the quality of each of its products in terms of both durability and environmental impact by scrupulously overseeing every stage of the design and manufacturing process.
Safety is also guaranteed through rigorous screening by industrial designers, testing institutes, and medical experts. This exacting attention to detail has earned BabyBjorn international recognition for its success in creating products that balance usability with style.

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