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We're featuring shopping recommendations just for you!You'll find trending products our customers are excited about, and suggestions based on items you've recently viewed and purchased. Find Your School's Info Get the details on what your school provides, what's not allowed, and what you should bring. CollegeChecklist Shop With An Expert Make an appointment with one of our college experts to get campus ready. This chair has support on the back and the sides and a splash guard which make it comfortable and practical. Some people may think this is boring because it does not play music and does not have any features.

This potty chair does not leak which is also a plus. If you want a great, durable potty chair at a great price, this one is for you!
My only qualm about the Bjorn is that it doesn't come with a potty seat hook like some potty seats have.
The cost is a bit pricier than other ones, however, why waste your money on something that you will have to toss anyway because it doesn't work? The hook on the back makes it easy to hang up; I hang it on my bathroom closet door know for easy access, however I think that it would be nice to hang it on an over the toilet side hook. My only complaint is that the seat itself is very hard, and when my daughter gets up from sitting on it for a small amount of time, her poor bum is red.

We purchased on of the 3M easily removable hooks and hung the potty seat on the side of the toilet while not in use. On the underside of this potty, there is a place to adjust it to fit the size of your toilet (a wonderful plus!).The first potty seat we purchased had a soft cushiony seat, but after several uses, there was a horrid smell coming from the bathroom. The Baby Bjorn is made up of a durable plastic, so there is nowhere for urine to get trapped!I highly recommend this product to anyone who is trying to potty train.

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