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A wrap is a long piece of cloth used in many different ways to carry a baby; front, back, hip, facing in, facing out.
We have another gorgeous Vice Versa *cream* RS and Slingyroo, with that extra purple stripe, which makes them EXTRA SPECIAL! The lobbying, the attorneys, traveling to ASTM meetings around the country, representing babywearers and the babywearing industry as a whole does not come cheaply and the BCIA is desperately in need of additional funds so that they can be sure the new standards protect both babywearing and babies! We are urging all babywearers to consider a direct donation to the BCIA, in the form of membership.
To show our support, in addition to our membership, PAXbaby is hosting an auction through Spot’s Corner, with all funds raised beyond the opening bid going directly to the BCIA. Bid on this beautiful pair over at Spot’s Corner, and do your part to support the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance! To get your toddler on your back a Mei Tai or soft structured carrier would be the easiest. Have you ever been in the position of having to justify to someone (say, a spouse…) why you have multiple carriers?  OR, have you ever wished that you had a spare as a backup for when you get to the park with the toddler and infant and realize that your trusty Beco Butterfly is on the couch where you left it after doing laundry?
As always, PAXbaby is here to help with our “Top 10 Reasons to Have Different Types of Carriers” list! You know I have an opinion about a great many things babywearing, however ring sling shoulders is 1 thing where I do not have a preference! Because of the hand weaving technique, these wraps frequently have small flaws like small knots, yarn pulls, or short pieces of yarn – these irregularities do not effect the safety of the wrap.

Girasol woven wraps are loomed in the mountains of Guatemala, using traditional methods unique to the Mayan Indians.
THANK YOU for learning with PAXbaby more about the background of hand woven wraps and for giving these wraps the respect they deserve as hand made, wearable art pieces! We love Girasol for their amazing exclusives, bright rainbows, airy diamond weaves and support over the years! Safe babywearing is always the first and foremost consideration when using any kind of sling or carrier.
We hope these links will help you on your journey to positive, enjoyable and safe babywearing!
Here is an article about sling safety with young babies (the group most at risk) written by Rosie, a GP and BABI registered babywearing consultant.
Here is an excellent safety leaflet made by a group of French Babywearing Consultants and translated by Slingababy. New standards are being enacted which will change the way baby carriers are regulated in the US, and ultimately, around the world. The BCIA works tirelessly to provide a voice for businesses, like PAXbaby, and consumers, like YOU, in the creation of this legislation. Go ahead and get the toddler on first, securing the waist strap of the carrier under the Moby Wrap, and the shoulder straps over the Moby.
Each is a superbly loomed unique work of art, created by hand, and is the quintessential piece of babywearing schwag that every babywearer wants to have in their stash.
They are all created on a total 0f 14 looms owned and operated by the family business of Pedro Alba in an area of Guatemala that is very difficult to access by outsiders.

Always keep your baby safe and close to you, with an unobstructed airway and good head support.
This carrier can be wrapped on yourself first using easy-to-follow instructions and once it’s in place you can work on getting the toddler on your back.
These irregularities show more easily on those designs which have a weft color that differs greatly from the loom stripe colors. The TICKS guidelines and the ABC reminders are the most well-known guides to good positioning in any carrier and will help you to feel confident that your baby is well protected.
With a carrier like the Beco Butterfly or Ergo, you probably will not be able to fasten the chest clip in front of you.
There is always a finite number of each colorway produced, many of them exclusive to a particular retailer or limited timeframe. One of these men can produce as much as 20 meters of fabric a day, but at this time, there is only one artist who can create the delicate diamond weave pattern!!!
If this doesn’t work well for your body shape, then choose the Mei Tai, which usually hugs closer to your body and fits better backpack style.
This picture is the perfect illustration though of how the wraps themselves look better with a certain shoulder!

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