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Anyway, I talked to a nurse on the phone and one of the (many) things she suggested was to let baby sleep without a diaper.  Have any of you done this and HOW do you make it through the night without going crazy changing sheets and jammies a million times?  Or maybe its just something done at naptime? We've given her more 'air time' in general and have already been cleaning lots of pee and poop up from various locations.  ha! Any other butt rash suggestions?  We are using triple paste, water not wipes, air time, and lotrimin cream. I know that some moms don't agree with using it, but I have put Vaseline on my guy's bum since day one, and he has never had a diaper rash or any kind of irritation down there whatsoever.

I also coat DS's butt (the whole area, really) with baby Vaseline every night before bed and we've never had a rash or irritation. Find out how to start encouraging a positive body image in your preschooler and how BMI applies to children.
Your child may love to whisper (and holler); it's a way of exercising control over his voice.
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I'm not sure if it would be good to use it while she still has a rash, but maybe you could try it if she clears up.

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