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Play best free baby games at,girls and boys you can collect our sites and play baby games every day.Assist Barbie on her mission to help this bride plan the perfect wedding in this exciting game called Barbie Wedding Planner!
Game Instructions: All the girls are very fashionable nowadays and they love to paint their face for a unique look. Play cool games free online on Gamerockets, Gamerockets is the place to take the coolest free online Barbie games experience.

She enjoys ballet dancing greatly and she cannot wait to get to her next lesson.What outfit should she wear this time, girls?
She is eager to dress up as Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Sailor Moon, her favorite female superheroes. Design each of these amazing outfits searching the closet for the proper clothes, hairstyles, shoes and accessories.

Baby Barbie makes a lovely baby Sailor Moon holding that magic wand and wearing those gold moon earrings.

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