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Privacy PolicyTerms of ServiceGames for girls not only entertain but also teach girls how to cook, how to dress, how to make hair, how to talk to boys, how to make friends, how to draw, etc.
Dress the barbie with their finery, prepare it for luxury events and make her feel like a princess. We create this amazing flash game portal with the help of my friend and partner Javier Mora. A ballerina is full of grace, delicacy and femininity, features that any girly girl wants to have.
If a girl want to be a superstar or pretend herself a celebrity she may start with playing games and figuring out what one have to do to become a famous person.
There are puzzles for girls, quests for girls, monster high dolls for girls, adventures, etc. Any girl, from small, raised with a barbie, and has fun with her, dressing her in clothes, combing and more.

We work hard to make continuously changes and updates to increase a better user experience. A ballerina wears gorgeous ballet outfits giving you the impression she is a princess walking on tiptoes or a flying fairy. Games For Girls Box has the best collection of games for girls and we are happy to invite you to visit our resource. Some games for girls are built around nice creatures each girl would adore – like cute kittens or puppies. You can choose the way to play – there are games that are really addictive and you would want to spend long hours playing them. Dress your Barbie with endless clothing, all colors and all kinds, long or short dresses, miniskirts, boots or sandals, comb as you like, make him to wear a long, silky hair, or put her a short hair, put a diadem on the head or maybe a hat. Any girl would pick up a game of her own taste, because no matter what theme is, girl games are made in different genres.

Because Barbie is a girly girl and a fashion diva, she hopes to become even more graceful and feminine with the ballet dance classes that she takes. Dress up in finery to attend lavish parties, or make their long socks and skirt set for school with her friends.
Dress up Barbie in fabulous ballerina outfits mixing and matching beautiful princess like ballerina dresses, leggings, ballet shoes, jewels and hair styles. But any way – all games you find at Girls Go Games Box are really well done and are able to impress any girl. Make your Barbie is the most beautiful of the whole place, and show your skills as a stylist models.

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